LASA Hosts Carnival Event in Bartels

On March 5, the Latin American Student Association (LASA) set up a table in Bartels where students could create a mask to celebrate carnival season in Latin American countries. The table was covered with brightly-colored masks and the display included facts about carnival season.

The Rio Carnival is important in Brazilian culture and is held annually 40 days before Easter, on Ash Wednesday. The first Carnival was based on Portuguese tradition and dates back to 1723 when working-class crowds threw lime-scented water on each other. Today, about 2 million people flood the streets of the city daily during the celebrations. The famed women’s costumes are some of the most elaborate in the world. Hundreds of samba schools participate in the festivities, and the dozen or so largest samba schools combined spend nearly $5 million on their shows. Overall, the total annual income from the Rio Carnival is in excess of $40 million in ticket sales, television rights, CD sales, advertising, sponsorships, and costumes.

LASA spreads awareness about Latin American countries and their cultures. The group holds campus events that educate students  about Latin American countries, celebrations, food, and traditions.