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LASA Hosts Carnival Event in Bartels

LASA Hosts Carnival Event in Bartels

Katrina Stolar, Contributing Writer

March 18, 2019

On March 5, the Latin American Student Association (LASA) set up a table in Bartels where students could create a mask to celebrate carnival season in Latin American countries. The table was covered with brightly-colored masks and the display included facts about carnival season. The Rio Carnival is ...

Postcards from Prato

The Charger Bulletin

February 18, 2015

A check off my bucket list  Ciao! I am a few weeks into classes now and it’s starting to finally feel like school and not a vacation. We have had more school days here than back in Connecticut and we even started later. It’s not as cold here as it is back on campus, but it is cold and always r...

LAU Condor Carnival

Alyssa MacKinnon

September 3, 2014

The Bixler-Botwinik quad was filled with the sounds of music and students as the Condor Carnival, hosted by the brothers of Lambda Alpha Upsilon fraternity, kicked off on Saturday, Aug 30. Rock climbing and a dunk tank were some of the most popular attractions, but the temporary tattoos and caricatures were a large draw for many ...

Nora Jane Struthers invites all to the Carnival

Ashley Winward

April 2, 2014

As the last of the snow on campus finally melts away and tiny flower buds of spring peak up from the soggy grass, I think I can finally say it….Spring is upon us. Now while for some that means kicking their gym routine into overdrive for that bikini body or tossing a Frisbee around the quad in the ...

Spring Fling 2012!

Veronica Maciel

May 2, 2012

Before college I hadn’t even heard of Spring Weekend. It was a new, scary, and interesting idea that intrigued me to the fullest. UNH had ours this weekend.  From what I’ve been told and from my own experiences this weekend, if you missed it you made a "big mistake…huuuuge," as Julia Roberts once said. ...

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