It’s Not Really ALL That Bad

Zack Rosen

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So I don’t really have much to vent about this week…actually, instead, I want to quickly say what great opportunities the University of New Haven actually has!

Zack Rosen - Editor-In-Chief

By this time every year, we can look back and see all of the things that we have complained about. Extra students in classes that are supposed to be small, “meh” communication between administration and the rest of the campus community, and drastic changes to the room selection process.

Yup, it was a pretty full year of complaints, troubles, and problems!

But amongst all that, it’s nice to see all of the positives things that the campus offers. I’m going to touch upon just one in this editorial: experiential education.

This past week, from March 23 through March 28, I attended the 38th annual College Newspaper Business and Advertising Managers conference in Los Angeles. Myself and four other students flew out of JFK airport on Tuesday afternoon and arrived in sunny Burbank, California at 3:21pm PT for an almost-week long conference about advertising, college newspaper management, and many other useful skills that can pertain to anybody interested in the business of media.

Only at a school like UNH could this entire trip — 6 days and 5 nights — be funded by a student government. Although students paid for some registration costs and their own personal souvenirs, all other costs were funded by The Charger Bulletin as a part of the Undergraduate Student Government Association.

In addition to many sessions, workshops, and roundtable discussions, we also had some free time out in Los Angeles. During this time, we visited Manhattan and Santa Monica beaches, checked out the Hollywood sign, Mulholland Drive, and many other sight-seeing locations throughout the city. Not to mention we ran into Sean Kingston and J.J. Abrams.

So yes, UNH has some things that we all like to complain about. But, in the very end, don’t forget about all of the wonderful conferences, trips, events, and parties that the university clubs host. There are over 60 clubs and organizations that are a part of the USGA, and each receives a part of the $1.3 million budget (a conservative estimate, mind you) that the organization deals with this year.

So get out there and take a chunk of that money; do something good with it. Until next time, kiddies!

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It’s Not Really ALL That Bad