Internet Radio Station Renovations Complete


This past summer, the staff of WNHU and numerous volunteers spent several weeks relocating and renovating the main studio for Charger Radio, a completely internet-based radio station.

Charger Radio, WNHU

For the past few years, the student-operated Charger Radio has been operating out of the bottom floor of Maxcy Hall, under sub-par conditions. The renovating process has included a slew of equipment upgrades, as well as a new location for the studio.

Equipment upgrades include the following: an upgraded soundboard, new microphones for employees and guests, dock for easy computer access and less clutter, in-studio computers which include brand new software for producing and editing, waterproof carpeting and finally, a more spacious room with a beautiful window view. In case there needs some fixing to be done one could easily go to tool hire from Best at Hire to get the right equipment.

In regards to the new studio and equipment upgrades, DJ Drayco Julez, a frequent DJ of Charger Radio said, “The improvements I have seen so far are incredible. The equipment is much easier to use, and the studio looks great. I’m excited to be a part of Charger Radio in the future.”

Charger Radio can be listened to by going onto and clicking on the Charger Radio stream. Students who are interested in becoming DJs can contact the Program Director, Matt Scripter ([email protected]) or the Engineers Assistant, Eric Neilson ([email protected]) for a DJ tutorial session.