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Jonathan Starkes

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Collapsing in the surprisingly comfortable Ektorp sofa, I wondered to myself, “How did it come to this?” After almost three hours spent wandering the labyrinth that is IKEA, I had only managed to pick out a futon and a table lamp for my new apartment. I never thought accessorizing and conceptualizing my new place would be so time consuming and difficult.

With the implementation of UNH’s new housing policy this year, many upperclassmen face the same hair-pulling dilemma, as they will most likely be moving off campus next semester.

Lucky for you, The Charger Bulletin has taken it upon itself to save you the trouble of losing your mind in the moving and designing process by finding a solution that was right under our noses the entire time: UNH’s interior design program.

Working with Dr. Jesse Peck and her interior design students, The Charger Bulletin is pleased to introduce the first ever student housing interior design contest. The challenge presented to Dr. Peck’s students is to design an efficient, sustainable, and livable apartment unit for a conceptual Graduate Housing Complex located on University of New Haven’s North Campus.

Students will complete this challenge in two stages. First, they will be designing a studio unit that is approximately 325 square feet with a 24 square foot balcony accessed by a sliding glass door. Each unit will need to include a bedroom area furnished with a double bed, a free-standing wardrobe, a sitting area with a small couch, a desk, bookshelves, and other student storage, and a kitchen area with oven, microwave, sink with garbage disposal unit, small refrigerator, and bike hanger / storage. The room must also include a private bath with shower and a washer/dryer unit.

In addition to the required living arrangements, students will also be required to include only green/sustainable utilities and building equipment into the design ranging from maximized natural lighting to water efficient appliances. Once the apartment unit module is designed and approved, Dr. Peck’s students must help their conceptual student client design an apartment fitted with accessories, furnishings, and decorations. As an added challenge, this portion of the project must also fit a student budget.

The real goal of this project is to provide UNH students with student-inspired design concepts they can utilize and apply to either improve existing apartments or inspire new ones. This is also a golden opportunity to provide students with realistic green living concepts they can practice at home. The need to reduce our carbon footprint is more important than ever, since according to Dr. Peck, “The growing environmental impact of housing, combined with the growing need for affordable student housing, necessitate the development of an efficient, sustainable, housing model that both supports student needs and reduces impact.”

The Charger Bulletin will be presenting four designs a week for four weeks. Each design will be accompanied by a brief concept description, various design specs, and a student-friendly budget layout. Readers will be able to vote on those they like best via The Charger Bulletin website. So, please join all of us in supporting the truly visionary minds of UNH’s interior design department as they help guide us through the labyrinth of decking out a new apartment by voting during the next four weeks!

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Interior Design Teams with Bulletin