Grub Gab – Frankie’s

The Charger Bulletin

By Zack Rosen & Heather Brown

Hello again and welcome to another fantastic restaurant review by the Grub Gab team, Heather Brown and Zack Rosen! This week, we’ll be a’grubbin’ and a’grabbin’…but not without your permission first, of course! So, pending that, we are reviewing Frankie’s located on the Boston Post Road.

In honor of their famous hotdog, we are rating Frankies with 4 out of 5 hotdogs. Hot dog! (Pun intended...)

Frankie’s is something between a fast food restaurant and a diner. Even though Frankie’s is known for its hotdogs, there is a full menu to please anyone and everyone at low prices (a plus for any college student!).

We both started with an order of the potato skins. They were pleasantly crispy, and the potato itself certainly had a great taste. Unfortunately, they lacked the cheese and bacon that is typically included in this dish. Although served with sour cream, the lack of cheese and bacon made the skins a little bland and made the sour cream a must have condiment.

Heather ordered the buffalo chicken salad with a side of steak fries. The salad dish was so full that it was difficult to stir the dressing into the salad. Perhaps for a more experienced salad-eater this would not have been as daunting, but for Heather it was a mess. It’s a good thing there were plenty of napkins available to clean up after the salad continuously fell out of the dish! Nevertheless, the salad was great and thankfully the fries proved much easier to eat. The steak fries were your typical fries, no hidden surprises. Heather LOVES steak fries and she is pleased to report that the ones at Frankie’s lived up to her specifications.

Zack ordered the Frankies classic: a Frankies hotdog along with steak fries and a bowl of chili. The hotdog is, without a doubt, one of the best hotdogs in the area. They start by boiling the hotdogs, then grilling them on a flat grill. Delicious! He topped his dog with mustard, onion, and relish.

The chili was also amazing – for Zack, it was a plus because Frankies makes their chili the technically correct way: without beans! He topped it with onion, and it made for a delicious bowl of chili. Some of the best chili in the area, without a doubt! The only bad thing about it is wishing there were more.

Oh, and along with Heather, be sure to dip the steak fries in the chili.

So, to sum up, Frankies is a great place to check out – whether you want some hotdogs, burgers, salad, wraps, gyros, steak sandwiches, fried chicken, seafood, or even some delicious ice cream! The food certainly doesn’t make for a 5-star restaurant, but it’s a great place to stop and grab a bite for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And with it so close to UNH, who’s to complain!?

In honor of their famous hotdog, we are rating Frankies with 4 out of 5 hotdogs.

Hot dog! (Pun intended…)