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By Zack Rosen and Heather Brown

This week your grub gabbers Heather and Zack decided to give you one sweet review…literally! Charli’s Cupcake Factory located at 912 Boston Post Road is a little bakery tucked away among the big department stores and other small businesses crowding the area.

The bakery specializes in cupcakes and makes only cupcakes and their bigger cohorts, cakes. When you walk through the front door the first thing that hits you is PINK! Almost everything that can be pink is pink (convenient for Valentine’s Day). Despite the high pink-to-other-color-ratio, the decorations work perfectly and made us feel welcome and, if possible, more excited about getting cupcakes.

Now, on to the part you’ve all been waiting for: THE CUPCAKES!

The first thing we noted was that they are HUGE. They may as well be advertised as small cakes rather than cupcakes. One of Charli’s best is capable of easily feeding two people, but in the spirit of bringing you the best review we possible can, Zack and Heather each tried a different kind of cupcake.

Heather decided to try out the Reese’s peanut butter cup cupcake. Now, without reading the fine print on the label, she quite understandably put this cupcake in the same category as Reese’s pie and Reese’s ice cream: just some plain cupcake with Reese’s on top to try to spice things up. She thought wrong. This amazingly delicious cupcake consisted of a Reese’s cake base with Reese’s frosting and Reese’s crumbles on top. In one word, WOW! Holy Reese’s, Batman!

The cake part was moist and delicious, the frosting wasn’t too thick or sugary, and the Reese’s crumbles on top offered a nice bite of that wonderful peanut butter goodness. She even had enough left from her first tasting to eat the rest while writing this article (it’s still just as good!).

For Zack, there are few things that get him to melt: puppies, chocolate, and yes…red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!
This delicious treat, in all of its red velvety astonishment, literally is to die for. Go try it for yourself if you don’t believe us! Edible gold, pretty much!

Charli’s also makes cakes and had a few on display in the bakery (only the really cool 3-D ones of course!). They also make gourmet cupcakes, organic cupcakes, fat free cupcakes, and muffins. If you’re thinking of visiting, take a look online at to check out some yummy-looking photos. Also, be aware that everything made at the bakery may have at some point come in contact with wheat, dairy, and/or nuts so be careful if you’re supposed to stay away from any of these things!

So stop on by…your stomach will be sure to thank you! The Grub Gab has no choice but to give Charli’s 5 out of 5 stars — the first place this semester to get 5 stars! If we could rate the icing alone, it’d get 6 out of 5.

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Grub Gab – Charli’s Cupcake Factory