Dear Weather, cut it out. Love, Joann

Joann Wolwowicz

Beautiful weather we’ve been having lately isn’t it? First it’s hot, muggy, and utterly disgusting. Then it decides that it’s going to pour as if it hasn’t rained in years. Now we’ve fallen into 50-60° weather and I need to start wearing my boots and a jacket. Will you make up your mind already!

However, I do have to say that on Saturday we had really beautiful weather for Family Day. It finally felt like fall, with a decent temperature, a nice breeze, and the sun finally coming out. After a week of depressing, cloudy skies, it was nice to see a blue, clear day with all of the sunshine we had been missing. I overheard people complaining about how cold it was, but I would rather take a mildly chilly day over a muggy, sticky, rainy one any day of the week.

This upcoming weekend is Columbus Day weekend, something I think everyone is looking forward to on this campus, considering it’s all people are talking about. I think that it is a greatly needed break for all of us from the massive amounts of school work that somehow has accumulated when we weren’t looking. Next weekend is going to be catch up weekend: catch up on sleep, fun, TV shows, and probably a whole lot of school work. If you are going home, which I expect most of you are because the campus is usually deserted during this recess, have a safe and fun weekend. Enjoy this time off, because the next break is in fact our Thanksgiving recess (Anyone as excited about that one as I am?).

I would like to point out that it is already October and, pretty soon, November will be just around the corner. I feel as if it already is. These next few weeks will fly by, and we’ll have to do a double take as to where the month actually went. For the past two years here, October has always been the month that I cannot remember. Whether it’s because it’s so busy or because it speeds through its days on the calendar, October is officially known as the month that does not exist.

This year I am trying to hang tight to October and try to enjoy what time I have in it. I plan on enjoying the fall weather, which I am hoping will stick around for awhile. I am looking forward to all of the leaves changing colors and all of the fun fall trips that will be available to the campus. Apple picking and corn maze anyone? Pretty soon it’ll be time for the haunted houses and scary movies. Count me in.