Dean of Students Updates Policies on Campus


Jennifer Korn, Student Life Editor

The office of the dean of students sent an email to students and faculty recently that summarized the school’s updated sexual misconduct policy and tobacco-free, smoke-free, and vape-free policies.

According to a Feb. 11 statement to the Charger Bulletin by the office of the dean of students, the sexual misconduct policy was “amended to include a statement that engaging in a prohibited relationship, as defined by the University’s Prohibited Relationship Policy, may constitute sexual harassment.”

The updated policy reflects “that formal investigation interviews will now be audio recorded, and result in a transcript.” stated the office. The new policy describes the draft investigation report procedures in detail and includes information about the LiveSafe application, which allows students to report an incident or suspicious activity, connect them to resources, and share their location with friends when walking on campus.

The updated sexual misconduct policy can be viewed in MyCharger or through an external link.

According to the office, when the tobacco-free, smoke-free policy went into effect in 2015, “the use of electronic cigarettes (‘e-cigarettes’) was also prohibited on campus.” The office said in the statement, “since that time, we have received increased reports on campus of the use of electronic vaporizer devices – commonly referred to as vapes or vaping.” In response, the Substance Use Task Force updated the policy “to emphasize that the prohibition of the use of electronic vaping devices on campus and that any use of electronic vaping devices is a violation of University policy.”

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The office also reported that the university will change its signage to increase awareness of the updated Tobacco-Free, Smoke-Free, Vape-Free policy.

The updated policy can also be viewed in MyCharger or through an external link.