Congratulations, SCOPE!

Erin Ennis

It’s that time of year…cue the tears from seniors around campus! With only one more issue of The Charger Bulletin left before we graduate, it officially is the season for sappy editorials and goodbye letters. Well, I’m going to be saving mine until next week. I’m not quite ready to say goodbye yet. So, for all of you out there, tune in next week for the goodbye messages from yours truly. Until then, I have much more important things to talk about! As many of you know, this time of year is also accompanied by another, much more exciting event.

Erin Ennis, Assistant Editor

SPRING WEEKEND! For those of you who have yet to experience it, regardless of your time here at UNH, it is an absolutely necessary experience. In the past four years, I have seen Emerson Drive, Bowling for Soup, Yellowcard, Trapt, Trey Songz, Blue Jupiter, and Third Eye Blind perform (yes, I missed one concert, so shoot me). Every year, the concert is an absolutely amazing experience for students across campus. It’s a great opportunity to experience a free and popular show with all of your closest friends!

The carnival, held on Saturday, is also an experience of a life time! I have never missed a spring carnival in the four years I have spent at UNH, and the event just keeps getting bigger and better! From great food (dip n dots are my personal favorite) to unusual rides, the Spring Carnival offers something for everyone. Make sure you take a spin on a bathtub or toilet before visiting the big attraction of the night. Last year, it was an elephant! I didn’t  take a ride, but I’ve heard through the grape vine it is a fantastic experience!

Spring Weekend also invites you to see the comedian, Bo Burnham, and attend the drive-in movie. There is always something for everyone, so make sure  you have a safe and exciting Spring Weekend! Enjoy yourself, make good decisions, and enjoy what Spring Weekend has to offer!

SCOPE has put SO much work into this weekend and the events are sure to be fantastic!

The Charger Bulletin would like to congratulate the SCOPE office for a job well done in the planning of Spring Weekend! These individuals, along with Lisa Saverese and Greg Overend, do so much for YOU, the students, to ensure that you will have the best Spring Weekend possible and close out the semester on a high note.

If you see them around, make sure to thank Glenn Altshuler, Lindsay Lynch, and the entirety of the SCOPE staff for everything they have done to create an out-of-this world Spring Weekend line up for UNH students! I’ll see you all there this weekend: make sure to ride some rides, get some great food, listen to the bands, see the drive-in movie, and SMILE for our cameras!! We’ll see you there!