College of Arts and Sciences Podcast


Photo Courtesy of University of New Haven Twitter

Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences recording the first taping of the “Intersection of Arts and Sciences” podcast.

Michael Rossi, associate dean for the university’s College of Arts and Sciences, started a podcast that will highlight activities, events and profiles in the college of arts and sciences community. The podcast, “Intersection of Arts and Sciences,” hasn’t officially launched, but it will be available for streaming on

Rossi started the podcast to increase the visibility of what the college of arts and sciences has to offer.

“We do so much in the college that people don’t know about,” said Rossi. “I feel like this is a way to not just have a poster out there, but to really explain what’s going on.”

The podcast will always be in a conversational style, with Rossi as the constant and each episode featuring an individual from the college of arts and sciences. Rossi said he expects this to be a form of broadcasting events that will give listeners a deeper understanding of what the college has to offer and what to expect from events.

Rossi plans to release the podcast weekly once it launches. He said he is optimistic that this will be a premise for the campus community to gain a connection with the colleges.

“I really want to promote the college because we don’t necessarily have the big name identity that the Engineering College or Lee College has so we need to be out there and let people know, arts and sciences, is active and enjoyable.” said Rossi.