Class Elections Kick-off

The chance to vote is not only approaching in the midterm elections, but also at the University of New Haven as students get a head start with class officer elections. Last week, the Undergraduate Student Government Association (USGA) called first-year students and juniors to have their voices heard, and vote for their class officers.

Campaigning took place for nine days, and ended on Sept. 20. During that time, students could “Meet the Candidates,” an event organized by USGA, in Buckman Hall. There was also open voting on Charger Connection. Only freshmen and juniors class could vote for their respective classes.

There are many candidates running for the 2022 class officer positions, but first-year forensic science student Drew Becker is making her case for vice president. In a video from “Meet the Candidates,”Becker said she has shown consistent leadership through her experience as president of an anti-bullying/zero tolerance club, and by being captain of her debate team in high school. She said she grew through these experiences.

“I’m running this campaign for you,” Becker said in the video. “I want to be seen as approachable and down to earth. I promise to be seen, trust-worthy, effective, committed and commutative.”

Becker also said, “As vice president I will aid the president and step up when the president isn’t available. The president will be busy, but as their right-hand man, I will promise to commit myself to our class. We are the second largest class in New Haven history, but with me as vice president, we can be the best class in UNH history, not just second best.”

Also among the candidates is Christina Genovese, who is the current president for the junior 2020 class. When asked why she chose to run again, she said, “I chose to re-run because I loved being class president for the last two years and being able to put on events for the Class of 2020 and being there to represent my class and doing all that I can to be great.”

In the past, Genovese has organized events like candy-cane grams, self-love activities and thank-you cards for facilities. Her events, such as the Halfway to Senior Year BBQ, were successful with pizza trucks, dunk tank, and inflatables and student bands.

“My goals for the class of 2020 and the campus as a whole are to create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for my peers to have fun and succeed in. I want to make my class’s experience at the university really great and to help our class organize activities that people want to go to,” she said.

According to Genovese, student class elections are important for the campus community because they engage the student body to vote, to meet and interact with student government, and voice their opinions. Students need to take advantage of having a vote because they are choosing who they want to represent them as a class e-board.

Voting closed on Friday. The winners of the elections were supposed to be announced and notified already. However, due to technical issues with the Charger Connection link, voting has been postponed until further notice. Until then, students are encouraged to keep an eye out for the reopening of class elections.