The Charger Bulletin to Start TV Broadcast

The Charger Bulletin to Start TV Broadcast

The Charger Bulletin will be officially starting a weekly “television” broadcast of their coverage. The broadcast will be posted every Friday on their website and on all of their social media platforms.

“It may sound strange to want to do a TV broadcast in a time where they are being watched less. However, this is an important opportunity to let us expand our reporting, and to have our students get involved in a different style of reporting,” said Glenn Rohrbacker, Editor in chief of The Charger Bulletin.

The Bulletin sees the broadcast as a chance for students at the University of New Haven to have a more visual experience in what is occurring on campus. The broadcast is a collaboration with the Communications Club, who will be working with The Charger Bulletin to help produce their broadcast. Students are attracted to a variety of means for news, and those who prefer watching content over reading it, will find the broadcasts more compelling than picking up the paper.

Samantha Reposa, Charger Bulletin managing editor, said, “The broadcast will put visuals to our news, and this is important because it will attract a broader audience.”

In today’s world of news, all major outlets are using video. For example, CNN and Fox News have print, broadcasts, and videos online. It can be seen presently how online media sources incorporate all the different ways to view news. There is a different medium of TV versuss print, and The Charger Bulletin wants to use broadcasting to add more depth to their reporting. The way stories are told in visual ways, like on camera, is a more appealing for the news to be presented to audiences instead of being described in words. The Bulletin also wanted to give an opportunity for their own writers to experience broadcasting.

Rohrbacker said, “It is all about the visual, our broadcast will show that our reporters are in the field and looking for information. It also shows our transparency, and is an inside look into our reporting.”

The Charger Bulletin is active on their website and puts out their print issue every week. However, they do not feel that the campus community gets to see the faces of the students involved in putting out their news. The broadcast will not only show who is working for the paper, but also gives University of New Haven students a way to see the original reporting that is going on all over their campus.

If students want to have a say in what The Bulletin reports, email [email protected]. Also, students can send messages over social media or tweet at the paper with any ideas or coverage.

The Charger Bulletin tries to have eyes in every corner on campus, but they appreciate help from the student body to have a say in what the campus news is providing.