Charger Battery

Sam Drotar


YAAAAAAAAAY! WE WON!!!!! YAAAAAY HOMECOMING! WAHOO! Good job boys, you played your hearts out! And, I think whoever came up with the idea to have a real horse at the game should be given a cookie! 😀 The horse was awesome!

The most humorous part of my day, which is not saying much for my day, was that timely dedication of the Ralph F. DellaCamera Stadium. Ahem, which was…not funny at all. HA! I laughed out loud when I saw the truck come to forcibly remove the super-glued banner! There are detailed pictures of the fluke all over facebook if anyone missed it. A side-note to whoever missed it: WHY the ::bleep:: were you not at the game?!?!

In the mode of school spirit, the name of the café in the library has been officially decided upon: The Charger Café! How… appropriate.


Ewwie. Is it just me, or does this campus get especially muddy and flooded when it rains? And I swear the earth-worm population of the entire underworld is concentrated on this campus when it precipitates. Yuck.

I spent half my life in health services this weekend. I got a very much needed flu shot (owwie) and I recommend you all to get one! Prediction: this campus is going to be an incubator for illness this winter! I already have the sinus infection that is spreading faster than news of Britney Spears’ latest faux pas. Ugh. In the past week I think I have used enough tissues to fill the Grand Canyon! ::sniffle:: And for that I waited what seemed like centuries to get…Mucinex. I’m pretty sure if I walked to a CVS in Japan I would have spent less time and frustration than I did in Health Services. Grrr.
And again, is it just me (so often, I feel these things only happen to me!) or is the e-mail out of commission ONLY when I need it most? OK! Just checking!