Charger Battery

Sam Drotar


Ah, the lovely season of autumn is creeping in. You can tell by the changing and falling leaves, cooler weather, and (monster truck announcer voice) FOOTBALL!!! The first home game was this weekend, and let me tell you, the charger stadium was full of spirit! Even though we lost, the game was awesome!

It is fantastic to have football back at UNH! Homecoming is going to be insane! p.s, I think that Charlie the Charger should break-dance at some point!

Ok WHO knew that we had a website for the charger bookstore? Everyone except me? Ok! But this thing is awesome! I can buy all the sweatshirts and tee-shirts I want! Oh yeah, you can look at all the texts books and software, as well as computer supplies and school supplies! Awesome!

I know that football just started…but who else cannot WAIT for hockey season? YEAH SON!


Is it just me, or does it seem like this past week or so EVERY class had at least like 100 quizzes and tests or exams? It’s a conspiracy. The Professors all get together around a round of jagerbombs to plan our demise! I swear!

You know what really grinds my gears? SLOW INTERNET! Between my residence at Forest Hills, and other random spots around campus, it is enough to drive a person crazy! Also! E-mails: sometimes in a day I get 40 or so! How ridiculous is that?!? I don’t have TIME to check 40 emails everyday!

HI! Why are we serving raw chicken? I know of a number of people who have been served undercooked chicken at the New Hall cafeteria. Why would this happen? Oh, probably because this place is CRAWLING with kids and the school is understaffed. When trying to get food out in a hurry, try to avoid undercooked chicken a.k.a salmonella!

HI GREEN TEAM! STILL getting soaked by sprinklers in the middle of the walkway! Last time I check concrete does not need to be watered…nor does anything else when it’s RAINING! Thanks.