Charger Battery

Sam Drotar


So…I’m gonna talk about Charger football again. Ummm…we OWNED Lincoln…33-10! Alright, let’s be honest with ourselves, WHO was expecting that?!? Good job footballers! We chargers are excited!!!!!! 😀
OK so everyone who went home for Labor Day weekend: too bad. This weekend was awesome. On Friday there was a showing of Star Trek. Nate Staniforth, the magician who performed Friday night, was amazing. I wish every skeptic could have gone, there would have been conversations. There were just some things that were so beyond coincidence it was kinda scary!

Then on Saturday there was the Envy on the Coast show—WHICH WAS AWESOME! The first two bands didn’t really tickle my fancy musically speaking, but had excellent stage presence and crowd connection. Envy was fan-mazing. I was definitely rockin’ out during their set, as was EVERYONE else, they are infectious. They surprised me with how different all of their songs were, because I was afraid they all would sound the same. After meeting them and helping them set up I found that they are not only rock stars, but closet comedians. OK, not really, but they should be: those guys were cracking me up during sound check! I bought a hoodie, so badass looking, and their Lucy Gray album. I would strongly recommend picking it up.

P.S.—How splendid was it to have Monday off? Fantastic!


Armed robbery. Lockdown. Awesome. First off, I’d like to know how I got a text message about the robbery, when I never signed up for the text message alert system. I mean, it’s awesome how I got one, it was helpful for me to know when there are armed angry people right outside my home-place. Second off, it would be awesome if in that text message the school would inform students that the school is on lockdown. And thirdly, there was an incident at Forest Hills that Friday where 2 residents with 1 guest each were almost not allowed into Forest. As students we are allowed to have guests, and CP, what would you have them do instead? Walk around West Haven? Good call.

Speaking of ridiculousness, CP is no joke about parking violations, folks. One Sunday, walking from Forest Hills to civilization, I was walking around the bend and EVERY SINGLE VEHICLE I walked by was ticketed. EVERY SINGLE ONE! Like it must have taken CP a good hour and a half, AT LEAST, to do that. People, I’m talking a good 30 cars. Granted, they are only 20 bucks-ish, but still, CP is persistent this year. Ye illegal parking sophomores have been warned.

P.S.—Yet another glowing Las Vegas neon sign that we should have: V-I-S-I-T-O-R   P-A-R-K-I-N-G! You wanna get on that President Kaplan?