Charger Battery

Sam Drotar


UNH is one of those places where, at times, it is both a small world, but yet a big school! UNH is a small world being as, everywhere I go someone has either gone to UNH or knows someone who does! At my work alone between customers and employees there are quite a few chargers! Chargers are infecting the world! Muahaha! UNH is a big school at times because even in the Henry C. Lee College of Criminal justice and forensic sciences there are still so many people that I will never meet or see!
As the football season creeps closer and closer I can almost SEE the excitement from everyone. I surprised my dad with season tickets to the Charger home games. He is very excited.

OK, so WHO knew that we had a 360 virtual tour of the UNH campus on the website?? HAHA! There is this little animated dude who tells about all the buildings! And I love how the information about the Henry C. Lee building, you know, the one that doesn’t exist yet, is doubled in length over all of the other buildings that DO exist!

Here’s a little fun fact for you chargers: Did you know that there is 8,976 square feet of fenced off construction? Knowing UNH that should be more than doubled next year! Who KNOWS what else they have cookin! Hopefully a PARKING GARAGE. HINT. HINT.  P.S.—Thanks to Ant Altieri for doing his homework and sharing that figure with the world.


I wonder who else shares my pain of trying to fit work in with a busy schedule of classes and extra curric’s.  I work at a restaurant, which is painful enough, but I do NOT need thankless customers to top it all off. I’m sorry, I am SERVING you, how much lower can a person get?? Yes, the bank I ended up making last night helped my bitterness a little, but I continue to post my question: HOW can a person be so rude to a complete stranger?! Work blows in general, but that was my rant for my Sunday in particular. Won’t there be a day where I will never have to work that hard for such little money?? Oh yeah, that’s what I’m attending UNH for! I know none of you care about my Sunday, but this was a tribute to all of those patient people with bad jobs. I say: Stay strong brothers and sisters, I am right there with you!

Speaking of not working hard enough, I noticed the other day that the C-Store sells Extenze, a male enhancement product. Condoms? Sure! It’s college! Extenze? You’re pushing it, UNH, no pun intended.

Has anyone else noticed that every pathway that you walk on around campus is fully equipped with sprinklers? These sprinklers are not just any sprinklers, they manage to completely douse the sidewalks as well as the beyond savable attempt of grass! I DON’T think we need to water the sidewalks. Way to Go Green and save water, UNH. Maybe the “Green Team” should look into that.