Charger Battery

Sam Drotar


It is certainly a new year! Oh how I love the smell of freshly bound books and the slightly less sweet smell of a pick from the money saving used- book collection. And the sight of lost freshman running around like chickens with their heads cut off just screams Welcome Week, but hey, we’ve all been there!

This is always an exciting time, a new year, a new beginning, new friends, new adventures, new victories, and ideas.  There are a lot of new things going on around campus too, like the new and improved C-Store. WHAT?!?! YUP! Sandella’s has been expanded into the old C-store location, and the new C-Store location is on the first floor of Sheffield hall! The new C-Store is twice as big and carries Starbucks coffee now. So excited! In other construction news: Soundview is finished and looks soo pretty, but Bartels is tragic! It took me ten minutes alone to try and figure out how to get in the building!

Two words for you, my friends: FOOT. BALL. Charger football is BACK! I expect to see EVERY SINGLE ONE of you at the first game, September 19th! The theme for this year’s season is ‘Blue Out!’ Get into it people! I want to see a stand full of smurfs at every game! Go Chargers!

A new year is a perfect time to get involved! This university is all about new changes all the time! Between all of the sports we have to offer, the UNH radio station WNHU, the countless clubs and activities every week, it is almost impossible to not get involved!


As the majority of UNH students know, it is already hard enough to get into criminal justice classes, now with the ridiculous amount of frosh’s running around it is not going to get any easier. So, upperclassmen, say hello to night classes, waitlists, and a shortage of chairs. LET’S SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE WE CAN CRAM ONTO CAMPUS!

Ready for another shocker, UNH?! Construction has overtaken the campus. Bartels is a hot mess. The steps leading from the caf to Kaplan are demolished and fenced off…but so is the front of Bartels! Maybe people will start scaling the fences trying to get in! Have fun walking around the entire Maxcy quad just to eat! There is also a wall covering the windows on the back side of the cafeteria. This makes the room look even smaller which is fantastic, because LAST year it already felt packed like Best Buy on Black Friday.  You practically have to be airlifted into the bookstore! It is literally fenced off on all sides, except for C.P. of course. Oh! By the way, you know how there is a road that connects the campus from the back entrance, throughout the campus to the Boston Post Road entrance? Blocked off.  They dug up the road and moved it 10 feet to the left. WOW. I bet that was completely worth however much that cost, plus the ridiculous amount we are spending to build the building we are making room for! My question? Why wasn’t this done BEFORE Welcome Week when thousands of parents and students are driving their cars all over campus to move in?