Charger Battery



Word of
mouth-clubs had great turnouts after the new freshman class swamped the campus.
Maybe we’ll have a good amount of active freshmen who attend USGA and
contribute to our campus by actually participating. Still, I have seen some events
that are still under-attended-let’s hope that won’t last.

Rose at the
C-Store, err…”The Quick Zone” is awesome. It was a special request to include
her in my battery this week. She works hard, makes us feel welcome, and is
quite understanding. Don’t you dare walk into the Zone without saying hello to
her, and make sure to try to figure out her Mad Gab-it’s quite fun!




There have
been many blunders with the card readers this year-a credit card is declined, a
student ID card isn’t scanning correctly-this really does not help the
long-line situation on campus. However, it’s always nice when people lend a
hand and in these situations lend their own, working cards for use. For those
people, thank you!

A million
dollars in student activity fees, increased fees due to the Recreation Center,
and classes like Ballroom Dancing, which used to be free on this campus, now
cost $120 to take-unless you take advantage of the oh-so-generous discount of
$20. Apparently after UNH overcharges us, reduces our financial aid, steals our
money for books, we have a good chunk left over to learn yoga.