Charger Battery

Kaitlin Mahar



+ There’s one benefit to the 1000 mph winds outside – students have witnessed the Tree Turbine sculpture spin at least twice!
+ Remember that ugly sweater your grandma knitted you that is really warm but makes you look like a feral cat with mange?  Well, consider this weather your incentive to wear it, and a great excuse to make Nana’s day.



– What is this “Monday” everybody keeps talking about? And since when did we have classes on it?
– The perpetual snow has been replaced with perpetual wind and freezing temperatures, making Alaska look like a tropical vacation spot and class look like a walk to the gallows.


Battery Charge:

Campus is finally starting to regain its bearings after a rocky start, with what will hopefully be our first full week of classes this week. Even though you wake up every morning wondering why you didn’t choose to go to school in California, just remember that Spring Break is only a month away, and with that should come warmer temperatures. Hopefully.