Charger Battery

Patricia Oprea


+ Victimology club’s annual show, The Vagina Monologues, was a hit. 90 percent of proceeds go to the rape crisis center of Milford, and 10% go to V-day Foundation for a women’s charity in a third world country! Remember that April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and keep your eye out for more of Victimology Club’s events.

+ Fantastic job to all involved in the International Festival this past weekend. Thirteen countries, among them Trinidad and Tobago, Saudi Arabia, India, and Taiwan, participated in this festival. Food, displays and performances filled the Charger Gymnasium with sights and sounds from all over the world.


– Why is everyone at the C-Store so grumpy all the time? If you don’t like responding to a “Hi,” then working in a college store is definitely not for you. Yes, the C-Store only opens at 1p.m. on Saturdays, but is it necessary to wait until after 1 p.m. when you see that three people have been standing outside waiting?

– When the university’s webpage is down in the middle of a day during the week. Hopefully everyone recognizes the importance of flash drives in moments like this since email may or may not be accessible to open the research paper you sent to yourself.

The Battery Charge:

Congratulations to all recipients of awards in these recent few weeks! Whether it is Greek awards, the Henry C. Lee College Academic Awards, Student Affairs Awards, or being inducted into the Honor Society for Experiential Education, you all make us proud Chargers!