Charger Battery



I’ve really been enjoying the wide variety of cultural food
(World Taste) being offered in the old faculty dining room where Take 3 is
located. It’s good food with good variety and is a great alternative to waiting
in the long lines in the cafeteria. Plus the people there are awesome!

It’s finally fall! I won’t miss summer one bit! Cooler
weather, pumpkins, apple cider, fudge, donuts, pie, Halloween–fall is totally
the best season!

The amount of people who have registered to vote on campus
and then sent in for absentee ballots is just amazing. I’m glad so many people
are taking the initiative to vote in the next election. Way to go!


It’s about time they turn the AC off in Bartels! Walk inside
from the chilly weather into some nice, arctic weather–just the way we don’t like it. Everyone who spends any
time in Bartels knows they overcool it, and they better stop as the weather
gets colder. But before we know it, it’ll be way too hot to breathe in there.

Who thought it would be a good idea to get the garbage cans that have flaps on them? I have a
plate of lots of messy, slimy food and I need to throw it away. Oh wait, there
are flaps over the garbage can. Someone else already dumped food all over the
flaps. Oh well, I’m not going to touch it. And then it’s just disgusting.
College kids can be dirty, but seriously?