Charger Battery

Sam Drotar


HALLOWEEN! Halloween is by far one of the best holidays ever. Fun costumes, free candy, and no gift-giving obligations! Also, if you ask me, Halloween is the start of the best season for food! Halloween brings out the apple cider, candy apples, pumpkin everything, and candy up the WAZOO! Then comes the turkey, the eggnog, divided popcorn tins, and candy canes! Sounds grrrrreat to me!

Speaking of good times, I hope ALL of you had good times at the Haunted House this weekend. Lots of awesome costumes and freaky make up! Props to the terror team and SCOPE who did an awesome job. Also, hopefully you got to see paranormal investigator John Zaffis as well. He also did a ghost hunt through Maxcy. Who knew the Maxcy basement was haunted?! BOO! I asked John Zaffis as a paranormal investigator and a firm believer, what he would say to a skeptic. His response: “Nothing!”

Note taken, John Zaffis. Touche.

I hope all of you had a fun mischief night as well as a fun Halloween, I know I did. Muahahaha!


O.K. WHAT is up with all of the skanky Halloween costumes?!? Does anyone else remember a time when there were actually legitimate costumes that people had put thought and coordination into? It is sad to see the creativity fly right out the window and it’s even sadder to see it replaced with four inch stripper heels and a garter.

I should break my fingers for typing the previous statement, because I am a hypocrite. BUT NO MORE! Next year, I will have the coolest, most inventive, non-sluttiest costume ever! It’s time for a change! But seriously, society has noticed that younger and younger kids are dressing skankier and skankier! Now is the time to pull the switch back to dignity!

It made me sad that it rained on Halloween. All the little kids who were trick-or-treating were getting rained on! =(

HUGE NEGATIVE. WHY are Christmas decorations up BEFORE HALLOWEEN HAS EVEN HAPPENED!!!!!!! RAWR! It makes NO sense to me!!! AT LEAST wait until Halloween is over! And, I’m sorry, have we COMPLETELY forgotten about Thanksgiving?!? Those poor pilgrims! Cooked for nothing! Remember the pilgrims!