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In Hawaii, Accessing Some Obama Birth Info is Easy

The Associated Press

April 27, 2011

HONOLULU – Lost in the renewed scrutiny into President Barack Obama’s birth records is the fact that anyone can walk into a Hawaii vital records office, wait in line behind couples getting marriage licenses and open a baby-blue government binder containing basic information about his birth. Highlighted...

For Compromise in Wis., 3 GOP Senators are Needed

The Associated Press

February 23, 2011

MADISON, Wis. – To end a high-stakes stalemate over union rights that has captured the nation’s attention, a handful of Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin might have to stand up to their new governor. Gov. Scott Walker made clear Monday he won’t back off his proposal to effectively eliminate collective bargaining rights for most public employees. Senate Democrats who fled the stat...

“Drive to 25” Campaign Challenges House Republicans

Liana Teixeira

February 9, 2011

The congressional battle has begun again with House Democrats launching their campaign against House Republicans for the upcoming 2012 elections. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is already airing advertisements which target the 19 House Republicans up for reelection in le...

Representative Gabrielle Giffords’ Condition Improves

Elizabeth Field

January 26, 2011

It is rare to find hope and optimism amidst a national tragedy. Representative Gabrielle Giffords suffered a traumatic shot to the head only two weeks ago, and doctors were not optimistic. However, very recently, her condition has been upgraded from critical to serious. Representative Giffords...

Democrats and Republicans Celebrate Midterm Victories

Liana Teixeira

November 10, 2010

After months of heated debates between Republican and Democratic candidates, the 2010 midterm elections have finally drawn to a close. Voters across the United States eagerly headed to the polls on Tuesday, November 2 to decide on multiple congressional and state government offices. Results f...

Political Ads Get Mean Around Elections

Ashley McDowell

November 3, 2010

Have you seen any of the political ads on television lately? It seems that individuals cannot escape the hundreds of advertisements from our candidates and politicians, as everyone is bombarded with who should be elected. Coast to coast, north to south, mid-term races have candidates going negative i...

Republicans Lead in Critical Polls

Christopher Whalen

October 27, 2010

On Tuesday, November, 2, the 2010 midterm elections will commence. Currently there are 59 democratic seats, 41 republican seats, and 2 independent seats. Of the 100 senate seats, 37 of them are up for re-election. Despite sweeping the 2008 elections, democrats are feeling pressure from the Americ...

Obama Likely to Focus on Deficit in Next 2 Years

The Associated Press

October 27, 2010

WASHINGTON – Preparing for political life after a bruising election, President Barack Obama will put greater emphasis on fiscal discipline, a nod to a nation sick of spending and to a Congress poised to become more Republican, conservative and determined to stop him. He is already giving clues about...

White House Doubts Need to Halt All Foreclosures

The Associated Press

October 13, 2010

WASHINGTON – A top White House adviser questioned the need Sunday for a blanket stoppage of all home foreclosures, even as pressure grows on the Obama administration to do something about mounting evidence that banks have used inaccurate documents to evict homeowners. "It is a serious problem,"...

Obama Calls for Educational Reform

Sara J Dufort

October 6, 2010

With standardized testing scores falling and the United States ranking 21st in the world for science mastery, school districts and politicians alike are pushing for education reform and longer school years. While some cite the current school year as our educational downfall, others argue that longer...

Recession Pain Still Real Despite End, Obama Says

The Associated Press

September 22, 2010

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said Monday he doesn’t care that the Great Recession has been declared over by a group of economists. For the millions of people who are out of work or otherwise struggling, he said, “it’s still very real for them.” Obama denied that he was anti-business...

Tea Party Movement Protesting from Coast to Coast

Sara J Dufort

September 22, 2010

As another election season is quickly approaching, there is no doubt that activist groups around the country are gunning to get their candidates elected. While some simply put ads in newspapers, on television, or have a calling campaign, others are protesting to get their ideas across. The group that...

Afghan Officials Say Too Early to Judge Election

The Associated Press

September 22, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan authorities said Monday it was too early to judge the validity of the country's parliamentary ballot despite observers' reports of widespread fraud in the vote that was to help consolidate its shaky democracy. Also Monday, Britain's military handed the U.S. responsibility...

Bankers Agree to New Rules to Prevent Further Financial Crisis

Tom Chieppo

September 22, 2010

Banks are significantly trying to increase the capital reserves under rules endorsed on Sunday by the World Major Central Banks to prevent another financial crisis, without impeding the economy in Basel, Switzerland.  The Banks are forced to keep more capital, which will restrict the amount of loans...

GOP Spokesman: Senate GOP to Oppose Obama Tax Plan

The Associated Press

September 15, 2010

WASHINGTON – Senate Republicans will oppose any effort to renew soon-to-expire Bush administration tax cuts if upper income taxpayers are excluded from the reductions. A spokesman for Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell said Monday that every Senate Republican has pledged to oppose President Barack...

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