The lack of student input on Spring Weekend

Students anxiously awaited the Spring Weekend announcements for this year, particularly the yearly headlining artist. However, it took a long time before any word of possible artists were even given to students, as questions from some social media accounts such as @unewhavenbarstool on Instagram questioned if there was even going to be a concert.

These concerns were eased when the announcement was made last Tuesday that Yung Gravy, an artist whose popularity rose following the release of songs like “Mr. Clean ” and “Betty,” would be the headliner. The other two artists performing that weekend are BbyMutha and Bad Suns.

BbyMutha is a female hip-hop artist whose most popular song on Spotify is “Sleeping With the Enemy,” which has garnered over four million streams. Bad Suns is an alternative rock group that has released four studio albums, with “Cardiac Arrest” being their most popular song with over 100 million streams on Spotify.

While Yung Gravy is certainly not a bad act to have booked – his care-free persona and comedic songs will fit well into a college setting – it was surprising that students had no say on the performer.

Last year, the Student Committee on Programming Events (SCOPE) conducted a poll on their Instagram gauging who students wanted to perform. This created a bracket of a number of different artists that was eventually whittled down in an attempt to figure who exactly the students preferred. This ultimately resulted in Blackbear as the headliner, with Sleepy Hallow also being booked for a performance.

It is impossible to find artists that every student will love, but it is surprising that there was no opportunity for input from students in a public forum. For an event like this, which is a celebration of a long year of work and a chance for students to enjoy a more personalized concert experience, there should be more of a collective decision.