Celebrating the accomplishments of women around us

Last Wednesday marked the start of Women’s History Month, which runs throughout March and allows us all to reflect on the vital role that women have played throughout American history. As an organization that is predominately made up of women, we want to take the time to recognize the impressive amount of dedication and sacrifice they all serve to make this news organization run.

Despite journalism being a male-dominated profession throughout the world, the Charger Bulletin is led by seven female members on our Editorial Staff. They all play an integral role in the success of our organization and do so in different ways.

Managing Editor Mia Adduci is the brains behind the printed paper and website, undertaking a massive overhaul in the way the we approach online content. She is truly working to bring the organization into a more modern style that reflects contemporary news companies.

Andrea Rojas serves as our multimedia editor and has been masterful at enhancing our television broadcast, Charger Bulletin News, and becoming closer to being a fully live production. On top of that, she has done just about any and everything during her time with the Bulletin, always picking us up if we need help in any way.

Copy Desk Chief Valentina Ortiz Elian has embraced her new role this semester and has begun establishing her own staff of editors that are able to double and triple check each article. She has done an amazing job at offering that to interested students, making it a new and welcome addition to the Charger Bulletin.

Erin Smith and Presley DePugh are two of the paper’s editors – for Politics and Arts & Life, respectively – and are constantly all over the various news stories going on around campus and nationally. Though she is just a first-year student who was thrust into the role, Smith has been able to roll with the punches and fill in for our former editor Lillian Newton without missing a beat. DePugh has been able to take the Arts & Life section in its inaugural year and make it something truly special.

Despite being an athlete and balancing an exhaustive schedule, Photography Editor Charlotte Bassett has built a continually growing staff that is available at a moment’s notice. She has created a strong communication channel that the organization has not had among its photographers in a while.

Finally, our Community Engagement and Social Media Editor Amber Cholewa has constantly worked to improve our social media feeds and offer more coverage to students on digital platforms. And still, she continues to push the organization forward by opening new avenues to distribute the news by venturing into the TikTok space.

This is without mentioning the countless number of female contributors that are not on the Editorial Staff, but who form the backbone of the Charger Bulletin. They all push the boundaries of the Charger Bulletin in ways that may not be the most obvious, but are a big reason the organization is in such a strong place today.

This is something that also extends beyond just our organization. The University of New Haven is filled with women that deserve recognition for making this community better. During this month of celebration for women’s history, let us all look internally at the vast impacts that the women in our lives have made in the face of a society that is presently and historically slanted against them.