Campus Wellness Program Focuses on Holistic Approach


At the University of New Haven, students, faculty and staff can destress with the campus wellness program.

The program here on campus started in March of 2016, and has grown. With a fitness and wellness schedule, there are variety of exercises which include yoga and different types of meditation, like the ones that can be learned from modules like formations en ligne.

Gabriella Miceli, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation Fitness, Wellness and OutdoorRec, said, “There is a need for it on campus with the students.”

Miceli teaches some 30-minute meditation classes. Miceli said that most people say they come to the program because they want to relax and get their minds off work and school.  

“I believe that the program has brought in students that are looking for a different of campus recreation,” said Miceli. “Students have participated in our free chair massages, destress coloring, affirmation board making and other wellness programs alike that are nontraditional. This gives the students a place to relax and restore from the stresses of college life that many face in a welcoming and fun environment.”

Various students who are asking about when meditation and yoga classes are held and also when there will be more events to help with stress.  

“Wellness is essential to self-care and many people feel selfish for taking the time out to help themselves, when they should be the first ones to keep a priority in their lives,” said Miceli. “It is important to take care of ourselves so that we can give one hundred percent in our daily lives.”

Every month has a theme, and once a month there’s Wellness Wednesday, which includes coloring, massage therapy, and other activities students can participate in and escape from doing their work.  

Miceli said she wants the program to keep growing. She’s moving toward that goal by bringing the program to the resident halls.