Business College Moves to Orange Campus


Photo by James Cassidy

The College of Business will be housed in the Bergami and Pompea Business Education Center.

The College of Business has launched a pilot program to begin moving the college to University of New Haven’s Orange campus, according to Brian Kench, dean of the College of Business. The program began this semester and will fully transition for the 2019-2020 academic year.

As part of the pilot, a limited number of undergraduate classes were scheduled in Orange last spring, and 15 classes were scheduled there this semester. Previously, almost all undergraduate business classes have been on the West Haven campus.

According to Kench, to prepare for the pilot and transition, the College of Business surveyed students last spring. Another survey will be conducted this semester and the dean will continue to discuss the transition with members of the college dean’s student advisory board. Kench said that student government representatives have also been involved in meetings.

The college will be moved to the Bergami and Pompea Business Education Center, which has been the location of all graduate business programs since 2014, when the university acquired it. Once the transition is complete, most junior and senior level undergraduate classes will be held in the center, while freshman and sophomore classes will remain at the West Haven campus. Hazell Nut Café and Jefferey’s Fusion Restaurant, two programs also run through the business program, will also remain on the West Haven campus.

Officials hope to make the transition easier by scheduling classes at West Haven and Orange 40 minutes apart to allow for travel, and offering regular shuttle buses from Maxcy Hall to the business campus Monday-Thursday. Limited service will also be provided on Fridays. In case there is a problem one can contact lawyers for businesses to get legal aid.

Succeeding in business is not just reviewing the top price comparison websites. The vision for the center includes a “business analytics lab for business student interns to work on sponsored projects for the business community, a student run fitness incubator managed by sport management students, a student lounge for students to study and student groups to meet while at the business campus, a coaching and mentoring program, and executive office hours with business leaders,” according to Kench.

“Southern New England is the most competitive business education market in the country,” said Kench. “The strategic vision is to create a world-class business environment for our current students and to recruit future business students to the University of New Haven.”