Be Conscious of Your Postings

Joann Wolwowicz

Social media is an enormous part of our lives. Facebook, Twitter, and now Google+ have become integrated into students’ lives. People sign onto their computers, and the first thing they do is check Facebook or post a tweet as to where on campus they are currently sitting. Facebook is a place to post statuses, pictures, and connect with friends. The misconception is that you can post anything you want to, and it doesn’t matter how inappropriate the things you post are. It sounds fine and dandy except that, like I mentioned, it is a misconception and a big one college students learn about too late in life.

Consider everything people post on Facebook. Inappropriate pictures and statuses seem to be the norm. When posting on these types of social media sites, consider this; if you would be embarrassed to show your grandmother or parents a post that you posted on Facebook, then you shouldn’t be posting it in the first place. You are probably wondering why any of this matters, if only your friends will ever see the pictures, tweets, and statuses. The truth is that your friends are not the only ones who will view your postings one day, and your postings might just affect your career plans in the future.

Would you want a potential employer taking a look at your Facebook profile right before you came into a job interview? Is what you have posted appropriate, and will it represent you well enough to have a potential employer consider you for a position? If you don’t think that this is a possibility, think again. Employers research those candidates they interview extensively before they even consider them for an interview. This research involves reading the resume, application, and cover letter you submit when applying for a job. However, with the increasing popularity of social media, potential employers take a look at what there is to see about you that is not represented on the sheets of paper in front of them.

For those of you reading this and thinking that you will be okay because you removed your last name from Facebook and replaced it with your middle name, think again. I have many friends who applied for jobs and internships, especially in the criminal justice and forensic science fields, who were asked to bring up and actually LOGIN to their Facebook accounts at the job interview. Nothing could ruin a job interview more than inappropriate pictures of you that all 1,345 of your friends can see. No one wants to hire someone like that. You will NOT get the job.

For the future, be conscious of what you are posting on the internet. Remember that yes you are in college, but don’t do anything that will damage the reputation you are trying to build for yourself in the future. When a potential employer is looking at you and comparing you to hundreds of other applicants, make sure that you stand out. However, stand out in a good way. Make sure that someone would be proud to hire you, instead of weary that you may not represent the organization or company favorably. So clean up those Facebooks!