Bartels Op-Ed

The Charger Bulletin


You walk into Bartels and as you walk down the stairs the first thing that hits you is the smell, which is kind of like rotten eggs or garbage. Then once you get to the marketplace the lines for the food are ridiculous and when you actually get to the front you notice that there is no good food to even select from.

Once you ask for the food, they give you such a small portion that you have to get up multiple times from your seat and go back into the marketplace just to be able to satisfy your hunger. After you finally are able to get your food you start go walk to the drink dispenser and you notice that there are no cups left so you can’t get a drink now.

Then when you get to the register the line takes forever because the cashiers are watching there soap operas or NBA games on the televisions and by the time you get to the front of the line, the food that didn’t look that good to begin with looks even worse now because it’s cold.

After the cashier rings up your food, you go to get condiments and silverware and realize there’s no more of anything that you want, like ketchup or hot sauce, and that most of the silverware still has some crusty food on it. Since it was so packed inside the marketplace you can imagine it’s tough to find a seat on the lower floor. When you finally make it up the stairs without spilling or dropping your food because you do not have a tray to carry it on you finally find a table upstairs, way in the back corner in the middle of nowhere.

After you sit down you can finally start eating and that is when your Bartels food experience gets even worse. When you bite into the food you find out that it’s not fully cooked and that it is still partially frozen. As you are trying to eat the food you stopped chewing and when you take it out of your mouth you realize that there is a piece of hair or even worse bugs in it. While you’re eating you also may notice the many rattraps they have laying around. From talking to an anonymous student they told us about their own Bartels experience.

They said, “One day me and my friends were sitting up on the second floor when we saw something run across the floor. We had no idea what it was until we saw another thing run across it too. We saw it clearly this time and it was a mouse. From that day on we have not eaten at Bartels since.”

The [nasty] food feeling hits you right away. When you have finished eating and as you walk out of the back entrance, because you are trying to avoid the smell that you smelt when you entered. As you are walking back to your dorm you realize that your stomach starts to hurt and you gastrointestinal problems occur. This is on a good day at Bartels to may I remind you.

Now onto the actual food, the chicken patties have grey meat inside instead of white meat; the pizza has terrible sauce, the salads are rotten, dry and tasteless, and the food just tastes bad in general. It’s hard to imagine someone messing up a burger, chicken patty or pizza but they seem to do it on a daily basis. The only thing that tastes good is the dessert that consists of jello, pudding, and others. But even the deserts are not amazing.

During lunch the prices are very high for the smallest portions. For example, for a burger, chicken patty, and some fries the price would be about seven dollars.

I have also noticed when there are tours or other events at the school are when they serve the best food. For example during an Accepted Students Day you can go down to Bartels for lunch and you notice something different. The food actually smells good and tastes good for once and then you look around and see all of the prospective students. Then you realize that is why the food is actually good for once.

You think for the amount of money that we give this school that they will actually be able to give us good food, but I guess not.