Barrack Obama to Hang Out In Chat Rooms, Provides For Uninteresting Story

Cullen Mclane

The man, the myth, the legend: Barack Hussein Obama! From socialized medicine to allegations of being born in Kenya, Barry is always up to some wacky hi-jinx. His latest stunt is hanging out in some internet chat rooms.  Hmmm… Compared to the socialized medicine, the Kenya birth allegations, killing Bin Laden, change we can believe in, and all that other wacky stuff he’s been up to over the years, there’s really nothing particularly interesting about hanging out in chat rooms…. Is this even news? I mean, I guess it is by the technical definition, but it is really anything worth reading about?

Well, apparently Barrack Obama has this plan to have a Google + (So far Obama’s pretty much the only person I’ve heard of to actually use that thing) video chat room where he will answer questions about his State of the Union Address. So essentially, he wants to spend an hour or two saying absolutely nothing, and then have people ask him questions about said nothing.

While, it’s too early to tell, based on past history it’s safe to assume his answers would consist of nothing. So essentially Barrack Obama heard we liked nothing, so he put some nothing in our nothing so we could hear nothing after we just hear nothing. And calm down, Obama fans, it’s not a jab at him; it’s just the nature of the business.  Obama just happens to be a very good businessman.

So that’s that. Barrack Obama is going to do video chat rooms. It sounded like there might have been more of a story to this when I committed to writing it, but apparently not. So, The Monkey House will unfortunately not contain much monkeying around today. Sorry. But hey, I doubt anyone reads this thing anyway!