ASME Car Show

The members of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) hosted their first annual car show at North Campus on Sunday, October 10. Students, locals, and car lovers in Connecticut showed up to support the club and check out the cars, which may be equipped with accessories like snap shades.

Each car paid ten dollars and received a give-away ticket, informational packets, and a display card for their car. Spectators were asked to donate one dollar. The proceeds from the event went to the super mileage vehicle that is being built to compete in Michigan this May.

The SAE vehicle gets 500+ miles per gallon of gas. This year, the Mechanical Engineers are attempting to optimize the miles per gallon to a goal of 1500.

The car show attracted many people, although not as many as expected. “It was our first year and we were happy with the way it worked out, even [though] there weren’t as many cars as we expected,” ASME Chairman, Charlie Diguglielmo said.

There were about 40 cars there, ranging from classic American models like a 1932 Model-56 to a modern European like revamped Smart car. Alumni even came out to support the club. Riordan Cayabyab (2010) brought his Hyundai Tiburon, complete with carbon fiber hood and sun roof, all the way from New Hampshire. “I wanted to show ASME some support,” Cayabyab said.

Other cars in attendance included two Thunderbirds, multiple Volkswagens, a Datsun, a Mustang, a few Harley Davidson motorcycles, and even a car equipped with hydraulics. Car owners were able to mingle and speak with other car owners during the course of the day.

Members of ASME showed their cars as well. ASME Vice Chairman, Matt Zwilling, brought his Volkswagen. Members Steve Hegedus and Jeff Young also brought their vehicles. Members also helped collect the money, direct spectator parking, file cars into the correct categories, and judge the show for winners.

Winners in their categories included the 1932 Model 56 (Classic American), a Datsun Roadster (Asian), and a low-riding Chevy pick-up truck (Trucks).

Overall, ASME raised about $536 for the SAE vehicle and the club. ASME plans on hosting more car shows in the future.”We are looking forward to [hosting car shows] again,” Diguglielmo said. “We want to make it a much better show next time.”