Anthem Lights Doesn’t Escape from Music

Elyse Von Der Fecht

Anthem Lights recently celebrated an album release and singer Joey Stamper’s twenty-fourth birthday.

Anthem Lights is an American Christian group originating from Nashville, Tennessee (AP photo)
Anthem Lights is an American Christian group originating from Nashville, Tennessee (AP photo)

The band is a four-piece American Christian pop/rock band from Nashville, Tenn. Members include Alan Powell, Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham and Stamper.

They were streaming live for everyone to see them waiting for their release of Escape. It was interesting to see how many fans they have now, and showed how much they care by calling some fans to thank them for the support.

On Oct. 14, they released their third album Escape. In my opinion this album wins me over compared to their other albums. Don’t get me wrong; their other albums are incredible, but something about this album drew my attention. I think this album has a lot more passionate power about the person you really care about and the songs all relate to each other in a similar way. As I listened to the album, these were my thoughts.

“Top of the World:” I liked how they started off their album with this upbeat song. As I listened to the words, I wanted to be, as the title states, on top of the world and at the place where nothing else matters in life.

“Just Fall:” I think this is my favorite song off this album because it’s catchy. This is such an inspirational song as I listened to the meaning of what they sang.

“Run Away:” This is a good song to listen to when you’re feeling down, saying that nothing matters and that you can just “Run Away” and have that good time you want.

“Unlove You:” This is a different type of song on the album that is slower and has the emotional and passionate vibe of feelings.

“Be With You:” This is a straightforward type of song. It’s about that other person who you just want to spend your life and time together.

“Paradise:” This was the first time I listened to this song fully through and I really felt connected by the lyrics and what they are singing. I think featuring Manwell Reyes gave the song that special touch.

“Love You Like the Movies:” I have to say that this is my second favorite song off the album because the melody and harmonies on the song were on point and touching. I also liked the meaning behind the words they were trying to get across.

“Boomerang:” In this song, I thought the tapping in the background gave off a vibe of jamming out and moving to the beats of the tempo.

“I’m Not Going Anywhere:” Once again, having this song feature Manwell Reyes was genius and gave the song that extra push. I liked the instrumental parts of the song that flowed well together.

“Best Thing:” This song has a great tempo that worked well with a slow and steady vibe. It also expresses another message of that person you think is everything in life and you’re so happy to be with him or her.

“Give Me a Lifetime:” I think by ending the album with this song tied everything together by starting off upbeat and then ending with slower songs. This song has a great message and I listened to the song more than once because it was very inspiring.

Anthem Lights is a band of hilarious guys who have extraordinary talent. I have been there for the guys from the start and I am proud of how far they have come.