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The number of refugees per country, as reported by the UN, in millions, as of March 5

Ukrainian crisis solidifies white “Model Refugee” motif

Isabelle Hajek, Opinions Editor March 11, 2022

The pure definition of a refugee is an individual fleeing their home country to escape a form of persecution or danger; however, modern context has definitely divided the concept into the desirable and...

Crisis Explores a Century of Oppression

Paul carbonella December 9, 2015

When playgoers filled Bucknall Theater the weekend of Dec.3, they had no idea they were being sent to a different era. The University of New Haven Theater Program’s Crisis: A Performance about Race in...

Transforming Hate

Karina Krul December 9, 2015

On Thursday Dec. 3, “Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate” opened at the Seton Art Gallery. “Speaking Volumes” is a seven-year old exhibition that traveled to the University of New Haven from...

Commuter crisis

Courtney Brooks February 18, 2015

Monday morning, we were hit with our third snowstorm in three weeks, leaving the roads slick with ice once again.  However, to the surprise of many UNH students, campus wasn’t closed and classes weren’t...

Anthem Lights Doesn’t Escape from Music

Elyse Von Der Fecht November 12, 2014

Anthem Lights recently celebrated an album release and singer Joey Stamper’s twenty-fourth birthday. The band is a four-piece American Christian pop/rock band from Nashville, Tenn. Members include...

Bankers Agree to New Rules to Prevent Further Financial Crisis

Tom Chieppo September 22, 2010

Banks are significantly trying to increase the capital reserves under rules endorsed on Sunday by the World Major Central Banks to prevent another financial crisis, without impeding the economy in Basel,...

UNH’s Housing Crisis

Rebecca Johnson May 15, 2008

Dear Students:I hope that you have had the opportunity to read President Kaplan's article in last week's Charger Bulletin. The article outlines the enormous progress made over the last few years at the...

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