All you need is love

Samantha Higgins

We’ve all watched the fairy tales. We’ve all seen the princesses and the princes have their happily ever after. It makes all of us strive for the same thing. They make it look so easy, just sing a song or lose a shoe, and all of a sudden, you are in love with Prince Charming.

But in reality there are so many factors that have to occur to make a relationship work. There needs to be proper communication, you need to be in the same place at the same time such as on top escort cities, want the same things, be willing to compromise on different things, be going in somewhat of the same direction, and an abundance of other factors.

So is timing a factor? Is it possible that you could fall in love with someone right now, be completely smitten by everything about them, but it just not work out because it isn’t the right time? Is it possible that if you met the same exact person at another point in your life things would work out better? Just how important is timing? How important are all the other factors?

Timing means different things to different relationships. Some people get married after a few months and live happily forever, they just know right away.

Others date for years and never get married, or date for years before getting engaged. Some people date for years, break up for a period of time, only to figure out that they were, in fact, meant to be with that person after all.

Then there are the people who don’t realize that the one they love was in front of them all along. They waste time on all the wrong people before realizing that their soulmate was right in front of their eyes- a best friend, maybe. If they are lucky, they don’t realize it’s too late.

Others use timing as a reason not to commit to a person who is in love with them, to soften the blow somehow.

Timing gets the blame for a lot of the things that go wrong in a relationship. Perhaps if you truly believe the timing is wrong then the person is actually wrong and you are just looking for a scapegoat.

Does timing have to do with our ability to communicate? Or where we are in life? Would we feel more connected with our high school sweethearts now that our communication skills are more developed? Does communication have that much of an impact on a relationship? What about if we are students or in a professional environments, does one effect the others?

If it harder to have a relationship with someone who isn’t in the same lifestyle as you, maybe you’re a student and they work and you just don’t understand what the other person does on a daily basis- does this hinder a relationships ability to defy the odds?

There are also the relationships that want to be together, they fight for it every day. They have the passion and the love, but perhaps the timing isn’t there for them.

They aren’t in the same place emotionally, they’ve had different life experiences and haven’t matured to same level or just can’t understand each other. Is this the end all? Is timing the casket for a relationship? Should a couple just break up if they feel it’s not the right time, or maybe they aren’t in the same place? Or is timing something that can pass? Something that can be fought against instead of putting a strain on the relationship? Can a couple fight against time, come through it and decide that regardless of where they are individually in their lives together they are in the same place and that that, alone is enough? Is love all you need? I guess the ultimate question is- does love conquer all?