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Question and Answer with President Kaplan

Question and Answer with President Kaplan

Anna Downs, Editor-in-Chief

November 15, 2019

On Nov. 7, President Kaplan sat down for an in-studio interview with the Charger Bulletin News, conducted by editor-in-chief Anna Downs. The interview covered subjects such as the new Bergami Center for Innovation and Technology as well as housing, and retirement rumors. Q: What can you tell us about...

All you need is love

Samantha Higgins

October 7, 2015

We’ve all watched the fairy tales. We’ve all seen the princesses and the princes have their happily ever after. It makes all of us strive for the same thing. They make it look so easy, just sing a song or lose a shoe, and all of a sudden, you are in love with Prince Charming. But in reality there...

Got a Question? Need Information? The Library Can Help.

The Charger Bulletin

November 9, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I’m a curious person. When I hear or see something that interests me, I start asking questions. My questions usually fall into four categories: how something works, how much something will cost me, how current events (work, news or friends/family) will impact me and what tool...

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