A Sunny Day in Glasgow to headline the first ever Elm City PopFest

Mia Becker

Presented by Tweetfort Music and Art: 

Tweefort and CT Indie have teamed up to bring you a full day of music to support Artspace New Haven-Saturday, November 14th, 2009:

The music will start at 3 PM. Headlining the afternoon show will be New York indiepop band The Metric Mile. Also playing will be The Dayzies (Middletown, CT) followed by One Happy Island (Boston), FayRey (New Haven/New York) and The Cavemen Go (New Haven/Boston). Members of the band Boy Genius (New York) will DJ.

The music continues at 8 PM. The Tyler Trudeau Attempt (New Haven) and festival headliner A Sunny Day in Glasgow go on after a pleasant intermission and a period of indiepop spinning and performance art.

Drinks will be provided at the evening event by New Haven’s 116 Crown.

A full day ticket is $8, afternoon only or evening only are $5 each. Both the afternoon and evening shows are All Ages.

Artspace New Haven is located at 50 Orange St., New Haven, CT 06510

Lineup:  (approximate times):

3:00 PM – The Dayzies (Middletown, CT)
3:45 PM – One Happy Island (Boston)
4:30 PM – FayRey (New Haven/New York)
5:15 PM – The Cavemen Go (New Haven/Boston)
6:00 PM – The Metric Mile (New York)
7:00 PM – Intermission
8:00 PM – ArtSpace Underground @ Elm City PopFest begins with DJ and performance art
9:00 PM – The Tyler Trudeau Attempt (New Haven)
10:00 PM – A Sunny Day In Glasgow (Philadelphia)

Info about the bands:
A Sunny Day in Glasgow are a band from Philadelphia that plays dreamy pop music that uses lots of samples, guitars, and melodies. They have just released their sophomore record Ashes Grammar. “Ashes Grammar draws you in by offering outstanding moments in strange contexts; you’ll re-listen to hear specific pieces even though you’re unable to remember exactly when and how they occur. Ashes Grammar often feels like the result of a band who took Martha Reeves and the Vandellas’ “Come and Get These Memories” in the most abstract, art-damaged way possible: nostalgic, jigsaw pop music from a group of writers strong enough to keep you humming and courageous enough to make you guess.” – Pitchfork (8.3 out of 10)

The Tyler Trudeau Attempt is a staple in the New Haven pop and rock music scene. They can be seen playing on stages all over the state of Connecticut singing songs about everyday life and the struggles of living in the city. The Tyler Trudeau Attempt draws influence from Elvis Costello, Billy Bragg, The Ramones, Richard Hell and the Modern Lovers, among others. The New Haven Advocate said the following about The Tyler Trudeau Attempt’s EP, “In My Despair I Took Up Painting”: [In My Despair, I Took Up Painting is] an EP brimming with social satire, gleeful punk music, enough organ for a prog band and Trudeau’s instantly recognizable whine … The TTA looks back to the roots of punk and finds something immensely energetic, often hilarious and always political. On top of that, it’s catchy as hell.

The Metric Mile is a pop band from Brooklyn, NY. According to the band, “The Metric Mile make pop music out of guitars, keyboards, drum machines and anxiety.” They draw influence from bands such as The Field Mice, The Wake, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and The Magnetic Fields, among others. “The Metric Mile sports a dreamy pop sound and a really endearing delivery. Their devotion to the drum machine adds something interesting to the mix, too. They’ve got a deep love for 80s pop that pours out of every chord and note.” – The Needle Drop, Feb. 18, 2009

The Cavemen Go have made a name for themselves as one of – if not the – premier pop band in New Haven. They consistently stand out from the crowd with great pop songwriting and musicianship. The Cavemen Go fuses the past and the present with influences as varied as the British Invasion and Motown, as well as nods to the poppier end of contemporary indie rock and even shades of country and folk-rock. The New Haven Advocate said about The Cavemen Go’s album “New Lives”: The Cavemen Go, which began as a gown/gown blend of Yale and SCSU students in the early 2000s, have always understood that blue-eyed sensitivity and chord-heavy keyboards are as essential to gritty ’60s-style American garage rock as hair-shaking gyrations, tambourines and “woo-woo”s. Add an alt-country twang at times and this soul-bending band matches early-’70s Kinks for artful, articulate pop cross-pollination.

From FayRey’s MySpace page: Eclectic in its genre, FayRey is what happens when you combine a love of classic, gritty NY punk rock, with a love for contemporary classical music. Guitars thrash and buzz blending with front woman Lillian Fuchs’ vocal growls and taunts. Bass notes surge and recede around carefully crafted primitive drum grooves, all evoking the glitter and grit of punk rock – until the trademark Fay Rey moment happens of something unexpected. Keyboards and violins slowly weave a melody that rises over the top of the pulsing grind of guitar and bass. Drums drop into a deconstructed shimmer of cymbals and out of it all emerges a haunting vocal line. Fay Rey site Sonic Youth, The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, The Smiths and Gogol Bordello as influences, among others.

Boston’s One Happy Island are fresh from playing the huge Indietracks festival in England with countless other pop bands. The band draws influence from The Beach Boys, The Lucksmiths, Rose Melberg, Camera Obscura, New Pornographers, Acid House Kings and Squeeze, among many others. From their MySpace: One Happy Island is an indiepop band from Boston with sloppy DIY tendencies. Chief exports include handclaps, ukulele strings, harmonicas, bittersweetly jangley ballads, furiously unfocused kazoo solos and unashamed lo-fi recordings. It is the intention of Shannon, Rebecca, Clint, and Brad to take their songcraft and melodies to new levels of fun, fun, and fun.

Connecticut’s The Dayzies are made up of area music veterans, Steve Bunovsky, Dan Kohler and Mario Cardenas. Bunovsky and Kohler were both formerly of the well-known CT band The Naomi Star. The Dayzies draw influence from the great powerpop bands of the ’70s and ’80s, including Big Star and Badfinger, as well as bands such as The Beatles, Travis and The Beach Boys. From The Dayzies: There was a time not so long ago, before the age of digital downloading and “American Idol,” when popular music actually meant something. It was fun, smart, thought-provoking, uplifting, disturbing or even ugly – it was always relevant. The Dayzies are an original pop/rock band from Connecticut that hopes to help return rock to its former, exalted state. Featuring Steve Bunovsky (vocals/guitar), Mario Cardenas (vocals/drums) and Dan Kohler (vocals/bass), The Dayzies play their own brand of rock and roll that draws deep from the well of classic British and American acts like The Byrds, The Kinks, Cream, Buffalo Springfield and Big Star. If great rock and roll bands never limit themselves to a single genre, count The Dayzies among them – this band is no one-trick pony – and while a diversity of songwriting is evident, they still manage to have a sound all their own.


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Tweefort also believes that building a scene begins at home. Tweefort strives to promote Connecticut pop bands by pairing them with touring bands in order to introduce the maximum number of people to new music. Connecticut has a number of great bands playing pop music that would benefit from coming together, promoting each other and playing with touring bands.

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