Charger Battery

Sam Drotar


Coming from a person who has had a particularly bad week: Rebecca Kitchell, your “Things to Make You Smile” segment of your “Beat the Blues” emails last week was much needed. Sometimes, random acts of kindness can make a person’s day. I always feel like I should say thank you when a stranger does so, but it never seems right…probably because they are a stranger. Duh. But, hey! Look at me! I have publicity at my disposal! THANK YOU Rebecca Kitchell, I needed to smile and you made me smile!
As corny and/or preachy as that last paragraph sounded, suck it up peeps, I can’t be funny all the time!

ANYHOO! Family feud was so much fun! I should have played! I would have owned! You should have been there! Okay, I’m done with exclamation points for a while.

As a tiny side-note: grandma’s are awesome. My grandma brought me like a thousand home-made sugar cookies last night. YAY GRANDMA!

As an even tinier side-note: I’m wondering if anyone out there shares the same love for post-it notes as I do? …or I could just be all alone…

P.S.—I decided to rename the “Negative” section of this week’s Battery as “Negativo” because, I felt like it. 😀


So, HOW much does it suck that Six Flags was cancelled? Due to a ridiculous amount of preposterous circumstances beyond SCOPE’s control, hundreds, or maybe just my own, dreams were crushed! Kingda Ka shall have to wait for me! Sit tight, peeps. Six Flags is not forgotten.

KANYE. WHAT are you DOING with your life?!?! JUST LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE! Taylor swift WON the Best Female Video award at the VMA’s because people voted for her! Let the girl be! Besides, Beyoncé has won every single award possible like twice! She is probably not at all pissed off about not winning the award, she is probably pissed off that she has to attend these stupid events every five seconds! Kanye: chill the ::bleep:: out, man!

P.S.—The previous usage of ‘::bleep::’ is because of my amazing, awesome, totally rad Editor-in-Chief, Zack Rosen. Maybe some of you have noticed that last week I referred to Envy on the Coast as “fan-mazing.” Envy was incredible, but I would never, EVER, make up such a dumb phrase like ::shudders:: ‘fan-mazing.’ In fact, my previous use of the word flabbergasted in paragraph 1 was pushing it for me. So I will know be inserting such gems as ::bleep:: just to avoid the horror that was ‘fan-mazing.’ And thank you to my friends who have been relentless with their mockery.