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Zack Rosen

Dog frozen to Wis. sidewalk; fat helped it survive

SHEBOYGAN, Wis.–A dog weighing more than 120 pounds survived being frozen to a sidewalk overnight, probably because he was insulated by layers of fat, authorities said. The Sheboygan County Humane Society says the “morbidly obese” dog, an aging border collie mix named Jiffy, froze to the sidewalk when he was left out overnight Wednesday. Shelter manager Carey Payne says few dogs could survive the single-digit temperatures, and it was probably the fat that made the difference.

Jiffy’s 59-year-old owner was arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of animal neglect, Sheboygan Police Lt. Tim Eirich said. She told police she tried to get the dog inside but couldn’t, and instead checked on him every few hours.

The dog is 11 or 12 years old, Eirich said. Shelter workers poured warm water over Jiffy’s back end to unstick him from the sidewalk, Payne said, and it was too soon to say whether he suffered any long-term effects.

Man arrested after cops find crack in his vomit

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Mich.–A 25-year-old Detroit-area man literally spilled his guts to police and was arrested on a drug charge after officers found crack cocaine in his vomit. Police said the man swallowed the drugs after a short car and foot chase Tuesday about 20 miles northeast of Detroit.

Clinton Township police caught and were questioning the man when he threw up the crack cocaine and other contents of his stomach. The drugs were picked from the mess.
The man was jailed after being arraigned Wednesday on a controlled substance charge. He has requested a court-appointed attorney.

Man accused of stabbing himself to frame ex-friend

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.–A young man who told San Clemente police he was jumped and stabbed apparently made up the story in an effort to get an ex-friend in trouble. Lt. Ted Boyne said a 19-year man was arrested Thursday afternoon and booked for investigation of filing a false police report.

Police got an anonymous stabbing call early Thursday and investigators followed a trail of blood to the man, who was bleeding from his hands and arms. The man told investigators he was stabbed by a former friend.

The lieutenant said it was later determined the man used a shard of glass to inflict the wounds on himself.

The nature of the disagreement with his friend wasn’t disclosed.