You’re a Pathetic Excuse for Human Existence

Zack Rosen

You’re allergic to onions. You eat a salad that you know has red onion in it. You’re an idiot.
You steal a Blackberry Curve from the local Verizon store. But you forgot to first check to see if there were cameras in the store. You’re an idiot.

You’re a doctor: a teenager comes to you and gives birth to a baby. You put the baby in a plastic bag and into the garbage. You’re (A) an idiot, (B) a murderer, (C) losing your license.

This past Friday, a Miami doctor had his license revoked when a teenager, who had originally planned to abort, gave birth to a baby which was then placed into a plastic bag by clinic staffers.

Although the doctor wasn’t present at the time, the Florida Medical Board upheld Department of Health allegations that Pierre Jean-Jacques Renelique falsified medical records, unethically delegated tasks to unlicensed staffers, and committed malpractice. The state attorney’s office confirmed that a fetus born alive cannot be put to death even if its mother intended to have an abortion.

Regardless of consequences, cases like this continue to occur. What I want to know is at what point did that doctor say to himself, “Hey, I’m going to tell others who aren’t qualified what to do.” Certainly he must have not only known this was ethically wrong, but dangerous? If he knew these things, he’s an idiot. If he didn’t, he’s incompetent. Either way, he should be locked up.

I have nothing against someone who decides to get an abortion. Sometimes, it needs to be done, and sometimes the mother can’t handle to go through a pregnancy for adoption. Of course, she should absolutely make sure that she doesn’t want to go through with the pregnancy first, but to be quite frank-the government has no place in church, marriage, or a woman’s vagina.

That said, this isn’t a pro-choice versus anti-abortion thing here. This is a “wow, my job actually affects the health and well-being of humanity” thing. People who have that much control over another human’s life should not only be going through years and years of medical school, but should get more punishment than just losing their freaking license. Send them and their damn Audi to jail.

In retrospect, I’ll take the Audi.

Granted, the baby’s mother sued Renelique, the clinic, and its staff last month for damages. The mother stated in the suit that “she witnessed the murder of her daughter [and…] sustained severe emotional distress, shock, and psychic trauma which have resulted in discernible bodily injury.”

The mother claims that she watched in horror as her baby writhed with her chest rising and falling as she breathed. Later, Renelique wrote in doctor clinic records that the mother underwent a simple abortion.
(D) all of the above.