Young London LIVE @ The Space

Shannon Livewell

Young London is a band that is fairly new to the music circuit. Matt Rhoades and Sarah Graziani (originally from New Hampshire) are a Boston-based musical group with an electro-pop feel. Recently, they performed at The Space, a concert venue located in Hamden, Conn. Needless to say, we were stoked when their manager reached out to The Charger Bulletin for a pre-show interview.

Young London’s Matt Rhoades and Sarah Graziani (originally from New Hampshire) are a Boston-based musical group with an electro-pop feel.

After the band finished setting up, I was able to start my interview with Rhoades and Graziani. One of my first questions involved how the two decided to collaborate in the first place. Rhoades had just left the band And Then There Were None, where their music spread like wildfire, and the touring became a bit excessive. All of the band members decided to move on with their lives (one moved to Hawaii to head his own beer line). Rhoades opened an independent studio in Boston where Graziani came in to record guest vocals. Rhoades decided to take a chance on fate, and asked Graziani if she would want to collaborate,

“I thought, ‘I know a good voice when I hear one,’ or at least I hoped I did,” said Rhoades. “Within a month we were flying to LA to record our first record.” Rhoades continued, “It was sort of an organic concept, like some movie story, but it worked.”

The first music video they recorded happened to be in Los Angeles with the same company who worked with artists such as Cobra Starship (which was the feel Young London was after).

“We decided to just use all of our money, and go for broke,” said Rhoades regarding the recording process for the video. “It really worked to get our name out there, and is probably the thing that led to us being invited to Warped Tour this past year. Now the song is played in every gym, and mall in the country.”

For most of their originals, Rhoades takes care of the instrumental parts while Graziani leads the way for the lyrics. For their newest single, “Call My Name (Tonight),” Rhoades began writing scratch lyrics to a melody he came up with.

“After he wrote out the scratch lyrics he said, ‘I actually like what I have here,’ and it just sort of stuck,” said Graziani. This was really the first song that Rhoades led the lyrical aspect on.

As “Call My Name,” is their newest single, they decided to not really promote it quite yet. They wanted to first release the song to their fans, and then decide where to go from there after gauging their fan reaction. Despite their efforts to keep the song under wraps for a while, the song was actually just picked up by a publishing company in LA.

The two have a ritual that they do before every show, and though Rhoades was a bit sheepish about sharing this “pre-show superstition,” Graziani seemed proud to let everyone know.

“We all put our fists together right before we are about to go on stage and say, ‘Young Money,’” explained Graziani. “We also watch a vocal warm up video on YouTube.”

“It’s basically some awesome old lass shredding on a piano,” Rhoades continued, “except it’s a sample video, so it always cuts off as soon as you actually get into it.”

Lastly, I had to inquire about the question that is probing everyone who witnesses a performance by these two. Are they an item? Well, as Graziani was about to answer, Rhoades cut her off by saying, “That is up for debate. We’d rather the people make assumptions on their own. Think of us as having a Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson sort of relationship.”

Whether or not the two are an item still remains a mystery, but their chemistry on stage is undeniable. I have never seen such an impressive set up, or performance in such a small space before.

The two have been said to sound comparative to Katy Perry meets 3Oh!3, and for now they say that is exactly the vibe that they are going for. It obviously is a sound that has gotten them a lot of recognition, and style they seem well versed in. On their next release, however, they feel they may stray a bit from that similarity, and go for a different vibe altogether.

Either way, there is no doubt in my mind that this group will face continuous growth, and make it to new heights with their talent and attitudes. By the time we left the venue, I felt as though I had known them for years, and personality is something that cannot be taught. Anyone with talent can perform on stage, but possessing humility and relatable qualities is what makes the difference between being entertaining, or being a huge success. Young London definitely has what it takes to only grow larger with time, and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for them.