You Gotta Fight! For Your Right! To NO Parties!

Nicolas Weilmann

When George Washington told the American people that he was stepping down from the position of President of The United States, he warned every one of the dangers of political parties. Political parties, according to Washington, would turn a group of people interested in the overall welfare of the country into a “rabbling mob of power hungry professional politicians.” It’s been two hundred and thirty-eight years since this nation became independent, and two hundred and seventeen years since Washington warned his successors about parties. Where are we now?

Since around the mid 1800s, the Democrat and Republican parties have been the major political parties, and no President since Franklin Pierce (a Democrat) has been in a party other than the G.O.P or Democrat party. But have politicians really left the welfare of the country by the wayside? Is it possible that politicians care more (or only, some may argue) for their own personal agenda than the future of the country that they “represent?” I absolutely think so.

When it comes to the two ideologies you can choose from when it comes to the U.S., I have usually sided more with the Democrat liberal train of thought. I consider myself a Democratic Socialist, so I wouldn’t have to stray as far from my beliefs to agree with a Democrat as I would for a Republican. On the other hand, a Fascist would agree more with a Republican than with a Democrat based on the political spectrum. Socialists and Fascists (or anyone else who leans a bit too far right or left on the spectrum) have a bad light cast on them, even though this country is based on freedom of speech and political freedom.

The Democrat and Republican parties have set ideologies that most people in the parties agree with. The ones who don’t are Libertarian, Populists, etc. and are more moderate on certain topics, like Ron Paul, a libertarian in the Republican Party. If you agree with parts of a politicians campaign but not the rest, you’re out of luck. Because third party nominee don’t win the presidency and rarely win any other election, you’re forced to choose from either the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

The members of the political parties have become players on a team. They have their own ideas that they want to push and will do anything they can to shoot down the ideas of their opponents. They do not keep in consideration, or care about, what this gridlock will do to the country. This congress has been the most useless congress in the history of our country, and the Republicans have done everything to stop President Barack Obama from doing anything good with his time in office. Democrats HAVE done this too, but never to the extent that the Republicans went to during this presidential term. It is an irresponsible and childish way to run a government.

Imagine there were no political parties. Primaries wouldn’t exist, and a candidate wouldn’t be limited to the square ideologies they all have now. Furthermore, citizens would vote for a president based on passion for the wellbeing of the country, rather than for loyalty to a party. Only then will the president truly represent the common good. The wellbeing of a country starts at the approval of the people in the government that stands for them. Without the people, the government cannot stand, and political parties are pulling the people apart.