You don’t know Weezer?

Katelyn Clark

Over the weekend, the iHeart Radio Music Festival was held in Las Vegas and streamed all over the world.

Katelyn Clark bw

I was so excited as I watched, from the comfort of my couch, artists take the stage, play a set of five songs, plugging iHeart Radio multiple times throughout, then on to the next musician. I loved seeing the up-close and personal shots of some of my favorite artists as they performed, a view I’d never afford to get if I saw them live.

Another thing I loved seeing was the audience shots during the performances. The camera would do a close up of Harry Styles of One Direction singing a solo then quickly cut to the rows of adolescent girls in the audience, clearly going insane over the boy band as they sang and danced and wiped away their fan-girl tears.

Weezer took the stage the second night of the festival. I sang along happily as I watched them perform “Back to the Shack” and then go into “Beverly Hills.” Then I started to notice the audience shots were a lot different from when One Direction and Taylor Swift were on stage.

Men who looked to be around 25 to 30 years old were the ones going crazy while Rivers Cuomo crooned “Say It Ain’t So.” The rows upon rows of teenage girls were staring blankly at the stage. It dawned on me; they have little to no clue who Weezer even is. If you said “Rivers Cuomo” to them, it would register nothing in their adolescent minds.

Granted, Weezer released their first album in 1993, years before someone who is 18 years old now was born, and they haven’t released an album since 2010.

However, people should still know who Weezer is. They made such an impact on the emo, alternative rock and indie music world and inspired countless other bands and listeners alike. Case studies have been done about how Weezer has impacted the music industry! It is hard to fathom that people don’t know such an influential band, even if they don’t like the genre. It’s like someone not knowing Queen or Aerosmith…it’s just not right.

If you’re reading this and don’t know Weezer, go type them into Spotify or Pandora or plug their name into Google and learn. Look up other influential artists of the 1990s while you’re at it—educate your musical mind; you won’t regret it, I promise!