Yankees and Red Sox Talk Trade

Alex Kratman

We at The Charger Bulletin didn’t believe it at first, but it is officially true! Information leaked out from sources within the Red Sox and Yankees organizations of possible trade talks has recently flooded sports newscasts on ESPN. The deal, which is incredibly expansive, will cause a new uproarious change in baseball that could possibly have massive after effects on the strength of the two biggest baseball teams in the MLB.

According to the deal, Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, and Jorge Posada from the Yankees would be traded to the Red Sox. In return, the Red Sox would send Victor Martinez, Mike Lowell, and Nick Green to the Yankees. Never in the history of the major leagues has this happened, although it is not surprising that history would be made by these two teams.

During an interview with ESPN late last week, Red Sox manager Terry Francona was asked about this possible trade. He responded, “I’m not going to give out details during this time, but I can tell you that it’s been in the works for a while. I don’t want to compromise anything by speaking too soon, but we will have some new boys in red come opening day. Whether our fans support that…we’ll see I suppose.”

When Martinez, Lowell and Green learned about possibly being traded to the Yankees, it came with mixed reviews. None of the players wanted to comment, since the news of the trade was too shocking. On the other side of things, Yankees manager Joe Girardi couldn’t be reached for comment. When Jeter was asked about this trade, he responded, “Well that’s baseball for you. I have nothing against playing for the Red Sox. They are a very competitive and high caliber team and hopefully I can make a difference.”

With the recent and official release, fans have begun to respond to the trade notification, taking this news very hard. Some, while impressed with the caliber of athletes being traded, are unsure about the relationship being established between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. There has been such tense rivalry between these two teams that it’s simply amazing that trade talks are occurring between the two. Other fans are disgusted by the prospect of having the biggest rival players join the ranks of their favorite sports teams. Time will tell if the trade, which will become official later this week, will have a lasting impression on the MLB and the statuses of two of the greatest sports teams of all time. For more details, visit www.ChargerBulletin.com/12444/