Writer’s Choice Playlist

Sydney Bednarz, Contributing Writer

I absolutely love music, and I cannot go one day without listening to a song. These are my current favorite songs that give me the motivation to get through the day.

Waves by Dean Lewis
Dean Lewis is an Australian songwriter and this song was a single in 2016. He said that the song is about how life’s excitement dwindles as we get older.

Everyone Changes by Kodaline
Kodaline has many songs about life, this, specifically, about a breakup. It says how the relationship “wasn’t right” and that “everyone changes.”

Good Things Fall Apart by Illenium and Jon Bellion
Jon Bellion is known for his single “All Time Low.” This is another song about a relationship. It talks about reminding yourself that some good things fall apart.

Hot Girl Bummer by Blackbear
“Hot Girl Bummer” is definitely a song that you can blast in your car with the windows down with your friends. This is also a parody of another song, “Hot Girl Summer,” by Megan Thee Stallion.

Bang! By AJR
“Bang!” by AJR was released in February of 2020. It is about transitioning from childhood to adulthood while going out with a “bang.” This is a good song for college students to listen to because we are still transitioning to adulthood.

Good as Hell by Lizzo
This song is very uplifting, especially for people who are going through a rough time, like in the lyrics “Come on now, come cry your eyes, you know you’re a star, you can touch the sky.”

Black or White by Michael Jackson
The king of pop was a very open-minded person and he was accepting of everyone regardless of their race. I feel like this song is important to listen to especially because of what has been going on in society.

I Don’t Think I’m Okay- Bazzi
This song focuses on finally admitting that you may not be okay — and it is okay to admit that you’re not okay.

Positions by Ariana Grande
This song is about Ariana Grande’s past relationships and her not wanting to repeat history with another one. This song is upbeat and a song that you can dance to. I feel like some women can relate to the meaning of “positions.”

So What! By Jxdn
Jxdn is a Tik Tok star who also dabbles in music. This is his third single. The song relates to his life and relationships. I simply just like this song because you can jam to it while doing homework.