Women’s Rugby Empower


Caitlin Carney

On Thursday, September 29, the women’s rugby club team hosted a Twisted Thursday event entitled “You Should Go Love Yourself.” The event, being particularly important in today’s society, aims to empower women. Though these events aim to empower women, men are always encouraged to attend.

During this event, there was a large poster intended to look like a mirror. Attendees were then asked to write on sticky notes things they love about each other. Once they were written attendees were then supposed to ask each other what they love about themselves to open a positive dialogue for the event.

The women’s rugby club’s social chair, Alejandra Giraldo, said that she really enjoyed having people tell each other what they love about them because “someone could tell you something different that you never think about.” Giraldo said the event was supposed to mimic the act of leaving cute sticky notes on the bathroom mirror for your roommates.

Giraldo, being a member of the women’s rugby club team, strongly believes in women’s empowerment because she knows first-hand how hard it is to be a woman in “a male dominated sport.”

All guests in attendance were excited to come to the event and spend time with friends listening to music and eating good food. It allowed the women on campus to come together with friends and help empower each other.

The vice president of the women’s rugby club team, Cassie Charles, said that she really enjoyed the night because it “had good food and good music, and all of my friends were there.”
The notes people put up varied greatly, showing the diversity we have on campus. Sticky notes varied from things about physical appearance, to personality or skills, and even to things the people owned. Some people said that they loved their roommate or their team. Others even wrote that they loved their flaws and quirks, further fulfilling the event’s aim of women’s empowerment and self-love.