Women’s Athlete of the Week: Kaulana Ane – #9 Volleyball

Chris Schnabel

Chris Schnabel: Player of the week, how does it feel to get this honor, knowing you were awarded it because of your high level of play?

Photo Provided by Charger Athletics
Photo Provided by Charger Athletics

Kaulana Ane: “I feel very honored and blessed to have gotten this award. I can definitely say that even though I was picked out of my team, I could not have done it without them. I always need a pass or need a kill, in order to get the stats that I got. I can always thank them and coach for where I am today.”

CS: You neared a triple double, getting the 20th double-double of your career. What did you do to prepare for the game?

KA: “That game our coach just had us clear our minds to really focus on what we need to do on our side of the net and just kind of be one unit and really focus on moving with each other and being one whole player. I think that’s what helped us reach our career highs.”

CS: You guys have the third best hitting percentage in the NE-10. Is this team working on all cylinders right now?

KA: “I think that we have been constantly trying to better ourselves in practice and in games. Hopefully we can get more consistent on all cylinders, and right now our coach has us running a bunch of different plays and quick stuff, so hopefully we can get our percentages up to being number one.”

CS: What’s been the toughest part of the season thus far?

KA: “The losses that we had in the beginning of the season. It was a big shock to everyone that we lost to a team that we should not have lost to, and I think it helps us push harder and want to do better this season in games. We’re always striding to do better and it gives a better feel to prove to people that this is what we are really about.”

CS: What made you decide to come all the way here from Hawaii?

KA: “Everyone asks me that, being from Hawaii, you’re in such a close knit place, it’s like, ‘small town girl makes it big’ coming over here. I wanted to come here because of the great pride and honor, and the whole community atmosphere with athletics that prides in making their athletes better people in addition to better athletes. I really like that part of the program, and most of all, the education. I’m not just here to play; I’m here to get an education, so I really appreciate all this school has to offer me. I’m truly blessed to be here.”