Women’s Athlete of the Week Amber Cannady Women’s Volleyball #10

Chris Schnabel

Chris Schnabel: Player of the week, how does it feel to get this honor, knowing you were awarded it because of your high performance level of play?

amber cannadyAmber Cannady: “I’m greatly appreciative of the award. I feel as though coach works us hard so that we can preform better together as a whole so when certain people get noticed on the team for what they do, it’s just a great feeling.”

CS:You swept East Stroudsburg in three sets, how does it feel that the team is playing at a high level?

AC: “It’s reassuring. Starting off early in the season, we hit a couple bumps but it nice to know that we’re finally finding our pace and picking things up collectively as a whole.”

CS: Do you feel that being a senior, you have to win this year, or are you taking it like any other year?

AC: “Each year I’ve approached the game with a consistent attitude towards the fact that we have high goals for ourselves and to accomplish those goals you have to work hard and because its my senior year I do want to work especially hard but I feel like I put as much effort the last three seasons as I have, and will continue to put in this year.”

CS: You had 14 kills on Saturday, which is your season high, what was your preparation for this game to play at such a high level?

AC: For the couple games that we’ve had so far we couldn’t really scout much. We just had to come in with an attitude, knowing how we wanted to execute our play and how we wanted to preform as a team so I feel like that carried into this match.”

CS: You have three straight games averaging 15.5 points now, how have you kept up the consistency?

AC: “Working in practice we do a lot of things where coach prepares us for game activity and game situations. We come ready to play.”

CS: You rank number 10 in Chargers history in total career blocks and career block assists, how’s it feel to be in the Charger history books?

AC: “I think it’s amazing personally, I hold the University of New Haven’s volleyball program in a very high aspect and I feel honored to be apart of something so great.”

CS: How does it feel knowing while you’re playing each game this year, you will be moving up the history books?

AC: “I try not to keep that in the back of my mind, I’m more of a “in the moment” type person, where each set, each ball, and each point matters. As long as I can contribute towards the goal that matters and the goal that’s our team has, I’ll be happier with that.”

CS: What’s it like having your name mentioned with the Alumni of this University?

AC: “It’s a great feeling; I’m really appreciative of coach and everybody that’s helped better my volleyball knowledge and skills. A lot of the alumni we meet as they come back for the annual alumni match. When I meet these women that have played for coach and that played for Debbie and see how hard they worked and how they paved the way for us it makes me feel as though I am contributing toward something that other people look to later on and it’s a very rewarding feeling.”

CS: What was it like going to the elite eight last years in Women’s volleyball?

AC: “It was the most exciting experience I’ve ever had in my life and I know I want to go back and it’s not more of an ‘I want,’ it’s more of ‘I have to go back.’ I feel like we have unfinished business, it’s definitely the direction we want to head in”


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