Women’s Athlete of the Week Amber Cannady – Volleyball

Chris Schnabel

Chris Schnabel: You’re back as player of the week. How does it feel to be playing so well? You have received this award multiple times.

Photo Provided by Charger Athletics
Photo Provided by Charger Athletics

Amber Cannady: “It’s a nice pat on the back, but I don’t take anything statistically too seriously because each game is a different game, it’s a different day and you have to continue pushing forward in your performance. It’s nice, but I like looking forward to the bigger picture.”

CS: Your team is doing great; you also didn’t loose a game last week. What has been the key to keeping the success of the team?

AC: “I feel like a lot has been pushing our team lately, we’ve been practicing very hard at starting and finishing and really working through our lows and rough points, so I feel like the drive that we are pushing for in practice is transferring onto the court and its coming out nicely.”

CS: You posted team highs of 3.75 kills and 1.92 blocks per set to go along with a .364 hitting percentage. What have you been doing in and out of practice to keep up the season your having?

AC: “We run a very specific practice thing we need to work on and what we want to do in a game, we defiantly push those aspects in practice and I feel coach does a great job of making drills that can be applied in game situation. That defiantly keeps us ready and able to make the move or get the kill when we need to.”

CS: You’re in the top 10 in the conference in a lot of key categories. Can the team rely on you keeping up the play you’re showing?

AC: “I try to be as consistent as possible I feel like a lot of my effort is based off the team’s effort because I can’t do what I can without them passing the ball or playing defense. We need everyone to work toward that one goal. I am consistent because my team is consistent.”

CS: Are you going to make it back as athlete of the week in the future?

AC: “I hope so, I love the honor, but I feel if I can pick between the athlete of the week or strait wins for us this season, I’d take the strait wins.”