Wolf of Wall Street

Scott Iwaniec

Wolf of Wall Street can simply be described as a porno, and how it is rated R and not NC17 is beyond me. However, I did love every last minute of it.

AP Photo
AP Photo

Before I continue let’s be clear: It’s been over a month since this came out so any “spoilers” are fair game at this point. Directed by Martin Scorsese, Wolf of Wall Street is a comedic and dramatic biopic of the real life Jordan Belfort.

In it, we see Leonardo DiCaprio play a young stock broker who starts his own firm and builds an economic empire built on sex, drugs, lies and everything illegal. I think it’s fair to compare this movie to an episode of Southpark in its narration and over-the-top absurdity. The whole film is played up very comedic and over the top that you can’t help but to work your abs laughing. Not something we usually see out of a biopic, but here’s an example: an office of stock brokers consulting with clients over the phone while simultaneously snorting cocaine and banging hookers. At the same time, we see the main character go through his arc of being a top-of-the-world billionaire to slowly reaching his downfall while simultaneously displaying a message to the viewer about ambition and determination.

This film is nominated for Best Picture for a reason: DiCaprio brings us a dramatic and determined performance in half the movie, and the other half delivers one of the best comedic performances from any actor in the past few years (I won’t even spoil the funniest scene, but keep your eyes peeled for a Lamborghini).

Next to him is another Oscar nominated performance by Jonah Hill, the vice president of the firm. Thought Money Ball was a one hit wonder for Hill? This film proves his ability as a matured actor.

As I said, I love the film; it hits the bull’s eye of “toilet humor,” while also delivering some heartfelt moments. My only gripe is that this has almost as many endings as Return of the King, and I feel like some things could be edited out. Paramount wanted Scorsese to shave off an hour of this three hour-long film and understandably so.

I recommend this to anyone who has a great time with Southpark and Family Guy. If you’re someone who has a problem watching them, keep in mind this film set the record for the most amount of times the “F” word was said on screen (over 500). I can definitely call this movie one of my favorites of the year.